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The Avenue Verte London-Paris by bike in Normandy

  • 335 km

Once you’ve crossed the Channel, marvel at the impressive white cliffs of the Alabaster Coast on arrival at the port of Dieppe. In the Seine-Maritime, check out the delicious heart-shaped Neufchâtel cheese in the Bray area. Explore the stunning landscapes of the Vexin area in the Eure with the Chateau of Gisors, and no trip would be complete without a detour to Giverny where the father of Impressionism, Monet, lived and worked.

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Stages of « The Avenue Verte London-Paris by bike in Normandy »

  • Liaison Bray-et-Lu / Vernon

    Liaison Bray-et-Lu / Vernon [20.9 km]

    While the official route of the Avenue Verte turns east at Bray-et-Lû, this extra, unofficial stage offers you the enticing additional option of heading down to Giverny, a place of exceptional importance in the history of Impressionism, as Monet settled here to paint, creating his fabulous garden with waterlily ponds. Also press on to the banks of the Seine around the town of Vernon. Savour the beautiful villages around here and the unique atmosphere of a particularly wonderful area.

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  • Bray-et-Lu / Gisors

    Bray-et-Lu / Gisors [20.9 km]

    Here you embark on an idyllic stretch of greenway which unfurls along the Epte Valley, passing old villages, bridges and mills, plus the impressive ruins of several fortresses. You're on the historic border between Normandy and French royal possessions as you head south from the legendary castle dominating the town of Gisors.

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  • Gisors / St-Germer-de-Fly

    Gisors / St-Germer-de-Fly [29.3 km]

    When you reach Neuf-Marché, southwest of St-Germer-de-Fly, you're standing at the crossroads of three French départements, or counties: Oise, Eure and Seine-Maritime. The small roads you take from here follow the contours of the local hillsides. You're heading south along the Epte Valley towards Gisors, between the wooded hills of the Vexin Normand area and Picardy.

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  • St-Germer-de-Fly / Gournay-en-Bray

    St-Germer-de-Fly / Gournay-en-Bray [6.1 km]

    After Gournay, while awaiting completion of the planned greenway, you have to climb Auchy's hill. Then you skirt round the impressive Côte Sainte-Hélène slope to reach the typical village of Saint-Germer-de-Fly. Here you find yourself at the crossroads of two different Avenue Verte routes heading for Paris, one going via Gisors down the Normandy frontier, the other via Beauvais, through the Oise département (or county), in southern Picardy.

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  • Gournay-en-Bray / Forges-les-Eaux

    Gournay-en-Bray / Forges-les-Eaux [26.6 km]

    You follow the course of the Epte River along this stage, meandering along pretty hill routes for the time being, although a greenway is going to be laid out down in the valley. This scenic rural section takes you across the Boutonnière of the Pays de Bray, a curious geological bulge in the landscape.

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  • Forges-les-Eaux / Neufchâtel-en-Bray

    Forges-les-Eaux / Neufchâtel-en-Bray [18.6 km]

    A superb stretch of the Avenue Verte leads you down to Forges-les-Eaux. The Epte and Andelle Rivers, pretty tributaries of the mighty Seine, spring up here. Forges-les-Eaux, as its name implies, made its name in the past both as a town producing metal-work and as a thermal resort, thanks to its iron-rich springs.

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  • Neufchâtel-en-Bray / St-Vaast d'Equiqueville

    Neufchâtel-en-Bray / St-Vaast d'Equiqueville [16.2 km]

    In this stage, you leave the Pays de Dieppe for the Pays de Bray. The picturesque countryside here is scattered with farms producing fine milk and fruit products which have long supplied not just Normandy's markets, but also those of Paris. In fact, such fertile parts of Normandy are now promoting themselves under the amusing nickname of 'Gourmandie'.

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  • St-Vaast d'Equiqueville / Arques-la-Bataille

    St-Vaast d'Equiqueville / Arques-la-Bataille [12.6 km]

    Within view of the imposing, ruined Château d'Arques on its hill, you'll find a multitude of nature activities to pursue. The Avenue Verte route continues south via a series of very large lakes, created by quarrying to provide for ships' ballast; now these lakes are much appreciated by line fishermen as well as by birds.

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  • Arques-la-Bataille / Dieppe

    Arques-la-Bataille / Dieppe [8.7 km]

    For the time being, once arrived at the Normandy ferry port of Dieppe, you only pick up the Avenue Verte in France on the outskirts of town. Dieppe itself, with its proud maritime past, is well worth discovering, as is the surrounding Pays Dieppois area, with its fascinating coastline and villages.

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