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Former railway tracks of Mayenne

  • 131 km

Part of the French region of Pays de la Loire (Western Loire), the département (French county) of Mayenne offers a very safe, peaceful network of cycling and hiking routes, in particular thanks to 130km of former railway lines that have been specially transformed into greenways. Travel at a gentle pace along these, going from charming villages to charming châteaux, enjoying the pure country air.

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Stages of « Former railway tracks of Mayenne »

  • Greenway Ambrières-les-Vallées La Chapelle-Anthenaise

    Greenway Ambrières-les-Vallées La Chapelle-Anthenaise [40.1 km]

    Coming from the Orne in southern Normandy, join a 40km stretch of former railway line north of Ambrières-les-Vallées (a pretty village with three rivers running through it), at the place named La Boufferie. This greenway is well-surfaced, with a vélorail (a portion of former railway track tourists can now go along on specially adapted railway carts) running alongside it for a few kilometres. Crossing La Rosserie Viaduct, enjoy the views over the Mayenne River.

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  • Greenway Voie verte Javron-les-Chapelles Mayenne

    Greenway Voie verte Javron-les-Chapelles Mayenne [33.1 km]

    The town of Mayenne, located on the Vélo Francette cycle route, also enables you to reach another cycle route, the Véloscénie, via a greenway heading northeast out of town to Javron-les-Chapelles. This 33km greenway with its good compact surface leads you along a straight trajectory through pretty, hilly countryside.

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  • Greenway St-Berthevin (Laval) > Renazé

    Greenway St-Berthevin (Laval) > Renazé [44 km]

    Here you follow a former railway line built to link the towns of Laval and Nantes via Châteaubriant. Its straight-lined 44km have been transformed, with a compact, hardened surface now allowing for all manner of non-motorized transport. This greenway enables you to reach interesting tourist sites easily, like the wacky Musée Robert Tatin at Cossé-le-Vivien, the classic park and Château de Craon, and the Musée de l’Ardoise et de la Géologie (on local geology and slate-mining) at Renazé.

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  • Greenway Château-Gontier Chemazé

    Greenway Château-Gontier Chemazé [11.7 km]

    This 11km-long greenway begins not far from the centre of the town of Château-Gontier. Head for the towpath alongside the Mayenne River, then continue southwestwards towards Chemazé along the route with its compact surface. Enjoy the woods, pasture lands and cultivated fields you pass. The greenway should be extended to the town of Segré in the French county of Anjou in the future.

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