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GO 20


The UK is steadily moving towards the extension of lower speed limits on our roads, with the city council in Birmingham, the UK’s second city, almost unanimously adopting a motion in support of 20 miles per hour earlier this month.


We are on the cusp of something big – a recognition that roads do not just exist for those driving through, but are a part of neighbourhoods and communities where people live, work and play.
Reducing road danger for those who walk and cycle and for children wanting to play 
near their homes is the sign of a society that recognises the value of people and community.
Our Free Range Kids pledge has seen thousands sign up in support the wide introduction of 20 mph. And nearly three quarters of us want to live on a street where speeds are lower. It is this aspiration that is ensuring that city after city is adopting 20 miles per hour to save lives and make our communities more pleasant and sociable places to live.
That’s why we’re delighted to be part of the GO20 coalition, along with Brake, Living Streets, the Campaign to Protect Rural England, the National Heart Forum and 20’s Plenty for Us. Our organisations have come together to help create slower speeds as a vital step in reclaiming our cities, towns and villages for people. 
Speed matters, particularly to children. We’ve been amazed by the thousands of entries to our Two Zero Hero postcard competition. Speeding traffic scares and intimidates young people, preventing them from being active and independent in their everyday lives.
In their opinion life begins at 20, so let’s make it happen. Sign our Free Range Kids pledge and get involved with the  GO20 campaign.



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