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Le Petit Tour de Manche à vélo : un circuit cyclable de 445 km en France et en Angleterre

Route « Petit Tour de Manche »

Two routes in one: coast to coast across the Channel Cover over 440kms on the Petit Tour de Manche. On the horizon for 2013, the Tour de Manche offers a unique adventure over more than 700 kilometres of varied coastal countryside, taking you from one side of the Channel to the other. Going at your own pace, you have the dream chance to take the time to discover natural locations of exceptional beauty and interest - such as Morlaix Bay, the ‘Pink Granite’ Coast, Mont Saint Michel Bay, the Jurassic Coast and Dartmoor National Park. Using a section of the European Véloroute 4 (EV4) along the length of the Atlantic coast, this route has a variety of undulations along the way (without posing major difficulties), and gives the cyclist the chance to enjoy both sport… and contemplation. Safe and well signposted throughout, it alternates between stages on small roads and greenways. However, it’s well worth the effort, and on the easier sections you will have time to relax and appreciate the beautiful landscapes, the culture and the ‘joie de vie’ that each country has to offer.


440 Length of course

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Tour de Manche - Dorcet - © Cycle West - Tim Pestridge Tour de Manche - Lighthouse with cyclists - Jersey - © Cycle West Tour de Manche - Phare de la Corbière - Jersey - © Cycle West Tour de Manche - Erquy - © Cycle West - S. Bourcier Tour de Manche - Dorcet - © Cycle West - Tim Pestridge Tour de Manche - Dorcet - © Cycle West - Tim Pestridge Tour de Manche - Dorcet - © Cycle West - Tim Pestridge Tour de Manche - Vallée de la Vire - © CRT Normandie - M Lerouge

The sections from Petit Tour de Manche

  • Cherbourg > Carentan

    Cherbourg > Carentan picto itineraire [79.1 km]

    Cherbourg > Brix > Bricquebec > St-Sauveur-le-Vicomte > La Haye-du-Puits > Baupte > Carentan
    • Family from Cherbourg to Brix and from Brix to Bricquebec and from Bricquebec to St-Sauveur-le-Vicomte and from St-Sauveur-le-Vicomte to La Haye-du-Puits and from La Haye-du-Puits to Baupte and from Baupte to Carentan

    Leaving Cherbourg, you travel through an ever-changing landscape of hedged fields, dunes and moorland, and Portbail with its beautiful golden beach. The Cotentin Regional National Park and Bessin Marshes are magical places to cycle - do stop to sample the local cheeses, ciders, seafood and Calvados apple brandy.

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  • Carentan > La Ferrière-Harang (viaduc de la Souleuvre)

    Carentan > La Ferrière-Harang (viaduc de la Souleuvre) picto itineraire [94.7 km]

    Carentan > St-Jean-de-Daye > St-Lô > Condé-sur-Vire > Pont-Farcy > La Ferrière-Harang
    • Family from Carentan to St-Jean-de-Daye and from St-Jean-de-Daye to St-Lô and from St-Lô to Condé-sur-Vire and from Condé-sur-Vire to Pont-Farcy
    • Expert from Pont-Farcy to La Ferrière-Harang

    After the lush landscapes of Normandy, you enter the Vire Valley with its rolling hills and spectacular gorges. At Roches de Ham, the rocks form a near 100 metre precipitous wall above the river.

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  • La Ferrière-Harang (viaduc de la Souleuvre) > Mortain

    La Ferrière-Harang (viaduc de la Souleuvre) > Mortain picto itineraire [60.8 km]

    La Ferrière-Harang > Vire > Sourdeval > Mortain
    • Family from Vire to Sourdeval and from Sourdeval to Mortain
    • Intermediate from La Ferrière-Harang to Vire

    Here you arrive in the Vire Valley, renowned for its undulating banks and spectacular gorges. In the midst of the area's countryside with its typical Norman patchwork of fields divided by hedgerows, don't miss the Roches de Ham, rising some 100m above the river, forming a vertiginous rocky cliff.

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  • Le Bocage Mortainais

    Le Bocage Mortainais picto itineraire [33.9 km]

    Mortain > St-Hilaire-du-Harcouët > Ducey
    • Family from Mortain to St-Hilaire-du-Harcouët
    • Intermediate from St-Hilaire-du-Harcouët to Ducey

    Perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking a lush green landscape, the town of Mortain is a striking crossroads for the Petit Tour de Manche and la Véloscénie. The greenway, which follows the old steam-train tracks, leads you straight to the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. The Normandy countryside guarantees a gentle pastoral change of scenery as you head towards Ducey into the heart of the Sélune valley.

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  • La baie du Mont-Saint-Michel

    La baie du Mont-Saint-Michel picto itineraire [31.1 km]

    Ducey > Mont-Saint-Michel
    • Intermediate from Ducey to Mont-Saint-Michel

    A truly fabulous location. This section of the Véloscénie and the Tour de Manche takes you on small roads through the polders, which are dotted with tiny villages, before you arrive at the highlight of the route. Mont-Saint-Michel, ever-present, cuts a mythical silhouette surrounded by grasslands and constantly shifting sands. The greenway follows the length of the Couesnon River, allowing you lots of time to savour the vista of this marvellous symbol of the world heritage of humanity.

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  • Le Mont-St-Michel > St-Malo

    Le Mont-St-Michel > St-Malo picto itineraire [67.6 km]

    Mont-Saint-Michel > Le Vivier-sur-Mer > Cancale > St-Malo
    • Family from Mont-Saint-Michel to Le Vivier-sur-Mer
    • Expert from Le Vivier-sur-Mer to Cancale and from Cancale to St-Malo

    With the Mont St-Michel Bay providing the dramatic backdrop, head towards the citadel itself whose historical and architectural heritage is so renowned. It's to the rhythm of the constant, powerful tides surging in from the Atlantic that you now travel through natural, conserved marshlands, and polders stretching as far as he eye can see down the Breton coastline. Climb up to Cancale, the unspoilt fishing port on the Emerald Coast, famous for its oysters, and its excellent seafood restaurants lining the sea front.

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