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EuroVelo routes in France

EuroVelo is a brilliant initiative for cyclists, a network of 14 long-distance cycle routes, known as EuroVelo routes, crisscrossing Europe. Once complete, the network will cover c.70,000km. France is spoilt, with seven EuroVelo routes crossing the country, offering over 6,000km to explore. Discover more about these routes below.


What is a EuroVelo route?

  • A cycle route crossing several European countries, joining together national or regional cycle routes.
  • It must be at least 1,000km in length.
  • It must be specially signposted, with signs visible in both directions. 



EuroVelo routes across Europe, a network of 14 cycle routes



How do you recognize a EuroVelo route?

  • All the EuroVelo routes share a common logo – the European Union flag, with the route’s number indicated in the centre.
  • Each number corresponds to the EuroVelo route concerned.

Eurovelo routes share a common logo



Which EuroVelo routes cross France?


  • Seven EuroVelo routes go across France, offering 6,000km of marked cycle routes.
  • Some of the routes are described on this website (EV 1, EV 3, EV 6)!



Discover the EuroVelo routes in France :

logo de l'eurovelo 1Logo de la vélodysssée


Norway (Nordkap) > Scotand > Ireland > England > France > Spain > Portugal (Sagrès)


EuroVelo 1 in France on the Vélodyssée

Measuring over 1,200km, EuroVelo 1, also known as Velodyssey®, is France’s longest Veloroute, going north-south from Roscoff to Hendaye. Discover the best of the regions covered, with the Atlantic Ocean as backdrop!


1,250km in France

Percentage completed: 80%

Connections: EV 4 (at Roscoff); EV 6 (at Nantes); EV 3 (at Bayonne)

View the cycle route in France : La Vélodyssée

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 eurovelo 3 logo, the pilgrims’ routeEuroVelo 3 - THE PILGRIMS’ ROUTE - 5 122 KM

Norway (Trondheim) > Sweden > Denmark > Germany > Belgium> France > Spain (Santiago de Compostela)


EuroVelo 3 – Cyclists on the pilgrims cycle route in ToursEuroVelo 3 crosses France diagonally from the Belgian border to that with Spain. The route passes through the Ile-de-France Region around Paris, joins a section of the EuroVelo 6 route along the Loire, then crosses Poitou and Gascony, going via Bordeaux to finally join EuroVelo 1 at Bayonne. This route is being put in place now, with certain sections already up and running.


Once completed: 1,500km through France

Connections: EV 6 (Orléans<>Tour), EV 1 (at Bayonne)


> View the whole European route



Logo de l'Eurovelo 4

Logo du tour de manche à Vélo

Eurovelo 4 - EV 4 - THE CENTRAL ROUTE - 4 000 KM

Ukraine (Kiev) > Poland> Czech Republic > Germany > The Netherlands > Belgium > France (Roscoff)



 ev 4 - the central cycle route

The French part of EuroVelo 4 links Roscoff out west in Brittany to Bray-Dunes in the north. It passes through Normandy, via Carentan, St-Lô, Vire, Honfleur and Le Havre, continuing to Calais (EV5) and Dunkirk. Between Roscoff and Carentan you join the French section of the Tour de Manche route, following the French side of the English Channel!


Once completed: 1,195km through France
Connections: EV 1(at Roscoff); EV 5 (at Calais)


View the cycle route in France : Tour de Manche

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EuroVelo 6 logo ; atlantic – black sea route Logo de la Loire à vélo EuroVelo 6 - ATLANTIC – BLACK SEA ROUTE - 3 650 KM

France (Saint-Brevin) > Switzerland > Germany > Austria > Slovakia > Hungary > Croatia > Serbia > Bulgaria> Roumania (Constanta)


EuroVelo 6 in Huninge EuroVelo 6 is the best-known, best-loved French Veloroute. Having followed the Doubs Valley and crossed Southern Burgundy, it then joins the legendary Loire à Vélo route.


1,300 km in France

Connections: EV 1(at Nantes), EV 3 (Orléans<>Tours) EV 15 (at Kembs)


> View the EuroVelo 6 route in France



Eurovelo 8 the Mediterranean cycle route EuroVelo 8 - THE MEDITERRANEAN ROUTE - 5 388 KM

Spain (Cadix) > France > Italia > Slovenia > Croatia > Bosnia and Herzegovina > Montenegro > Albania > Greece(Athène)


EuroVelo 8 la véloroute de la méditérannée At time of writing, the setting up of EuroVelo 8 in France is in its early stages. It will follow the Mediterranean coast from Le Perthus (Col de Panissars) on the Spanish border to Menton on the Italian border. The route is planned to go through Narbonne, Béziers, Sète, Forcalquier, Nice and Monaco.

Once completed: 670km in France
Connections: ViaRhôna (at Sète) and the Canal du Midi (at Agde)


>> View the whole European route




Eurovelo 15 – THE RHINE VELOROUTE - 1 230 KM


Switzerland (Andermatt) > Germany > France > The Netherlands (Rotterdam)


EuroVelo 15 – cyclists along the rhine veloroute EuroVelo 15 runs beside the Canal du Rhône au Rhin and the Réserve de la Petite Camargue Alsacienne, crosses La Hardt Forest, Neuf-Brisach (a citadel designed by Vauban, part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site) and continues to Artzenheim, passing via Strasbourg, capital of Alsace and home of the European Parliament..


180km in France
Connection: EV 6 (at Kembs in Alsace)

>View the whole European route




Where can you find information on the other EuroVelo routes?

  • The website provides information on all the EuroVelo-routes, at a European-wide level.
  • The website provides general information on the different routes, plus links to more specific websites covering relevant stretches in the various countries concerned.