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France by Bike

Experience another way of exploring France – by bike! Be it for a day, a weekend, the holidays or a journey, touring by bike is enjoyable, ecological and accessible to almost all, whatever your age. France Vélo Tourisme’s website features easy, well-signposted trails that also provide ‘Accueil Vélo’ (‘Cyclists Welcome’) services en route.




France has a stunningly varied heritage scattered across so many beautiful regions.


By bike, you can go at your own pace, be it fast or slow, to discover French  towns and villages, churches and chapels, parks and gardens, rivers and canals, forests and vineyards, or châteaux, of course, be they grand or small…


France Vélo Tourisme’s website points you to countless cycle tracks, greenways and véloroutes (major official cycle routes) enabling you to go by bike to uncover all these wonders.

Consider the many fascinating themes you might pursue in the pages that follow.


Coast by Bike


Blessed with thousands of kilometres of coast, France boasts extraordinarily varied shores: dunes, sandy and pebbly beaches, cliffs and rocky stretches, estuaries and salt marshes, plus countless creeks perfect for going bathing.


Rivers by Bike


France’s river valleys, large and small, offer so many bucolic trails to enjoy by bike. The Loire à Vélo route may be the star among the official cycle routes here, but there are numerous other enchanting ones tracking rivers and canals.


French Châteaux by Bike


An incredible number of remarkable castles are scattered around France’s regions, going from impressive fortresseses via more dicreet manors to extravagant royal and imperial palaces.


Canals by Bike


Cycling alongside some of the thousands of kilometres of canals crisscrossing France’s regions proves both fascinating and rather easy on the legs!


Vineyards by Bike


Blessed by the gods, France boasts some of the most beautiful vineyards in the world, producing reputed wines. Numerous wine-making regions offer you the chance to discover them via cycle paths of various types crossing the vineyards


Cultural Itineraries


In France, nature and culture go hand in hand. Our cycle routes, greenways and véloroutes offer a thousand and one intriguing things to explore for those of you with an inquiring mind.


Countryside by Bike


In France, you don’t have to go far from the city to find yourself enjoying the relaxing French countryside and country activities with family and friends. Take a step back in time by bike!


Lakes by Bike


Lakes provide a dreamy theme for cyclists to pursue. The calm waters of our lakes, both natural and artificial, provide shelter for diverse flora and fauna and offer grandiose panoramas. Enjoy the range of cycling trails out to French lakes on offer.