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 Auxonne - Seurre
After a detour by small quiet roads in the Burgundy countryside, the Voie Bleue joins the Eurovelo 6 along the Rhone to Rhine canal after Samerey. The arrival on the left bank near St-Jean-de-Losne offers a magnificent view of this river city whose quays are bathed by the Saône. A must stop on the course!
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The route

Alternating lightly travelled roads and sections of exclusive right-of-way on the left bank of the Saône up to Pagny-le-Château where the diversion canal is crossed to reach Pagny-la-ville. Then Lechâtelet (old fishing villages) at the edge of the "old Saône", to then join Seurre by small roads.
Possible connection to the Cistercian abbey of Cîteaux.

Tourist Offices

  • Auxonne : 03 80 37 34 46
  • St-Jean-de-Losne : 03 80 37 15 70
  • Butter: 03 88 96 44 08


TER Bourgogne : stations of Auxonne, St-Jean-de-Losne, Seurre

Not to be missed

Auxonne: ancient border town, stronghold since the Middle Ages: royal gate, artillery arsenal (Vauban), Notre-Dame church, Château louis XI, nautical port
St-Symphorien : junction of Rhine-Rhône and Saône canal, St-Jean-de-Losne
Boucle de Cîteaux: old fishing villages, Pagny-le-Château, Lechâtelet
Seurre : Ecomusée l'Etang Rouge, church st-Martin (late 13th and early 14th), Hôtel-Dieu.


St-Jean-de-Losne, Seurre on Saturday

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