16, Avenue Paul Firino Martell 16100 Cognac
16, Avenue Paul Firino Martell 16100 Cognac
Launched in 2016 in Cognac, the Fondation d’entreprise Martell will open to the public its ground-floor June 30th, 2018, as well as its rooftop. Downstairs, a nearly 900 meters square space will be dedicated to immersive artistic installations, specifically designed for the location. Upstairs, the design and the furnishing of the rooftop bar will be entrusted to designers and craftspeople.

Between the summer of 2017 and the fall of 2018, the Pavillon Martell de SelgasCano is set in the gardens of the Fondation and is taken over by invited creators for events fostering the coming together and exchange of knowledge. Representative of the future openings, this programme’s aim is to breathe new life into local crafts that blend skilled trades and contemporary design (woodwork, wickerwork, ceramics, glasswork, textiles…) while simultaneously providing a platform for regional performing arts organisations (theatre, music, performance art). The Fondation d’entreprise Martell hopes it can be a driver of growth, creating value for the town of Cognac and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region with exhibitions, workshops, a living-lab, events, residencies in complementary fields (design, architecture, artisan trades, digital, danse, literature, music…).

The inaugural installation was entrusted to the company Adrien M & Claire B with an exclusive new piece: L’Ombre de la vapeur. Thanks to a digital device, it lets the guests wander and interact among thin metallic clouds, on which are projected white, moving particles. The piece is a living, thinking creature that adjusts to the rhythm of the visitors’ walking pace, gestures and pauses on floating furniture.

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