81, Route du Sel Rond Point des Marais Salants 85270 Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez
Julien Gazeau
81, Route du Sel Rond Point des Marais Salants 85270 Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez
The salt marshes, shaped by man since the 7th century AD, bear witness to the intense activity that reigned recently around the harvest of "white gold". The rehabilitation of old salt marshes in the lower Vie valley has brought salt exploitation back to life since the 1990s. LES MARAIS SALANTS DE LA VIE : a picturesque discovery in the heart of the marshes that allows you to understand the work of the salt worker and to admire the traditional gestures he performs on a daily basis. The fauna and flora of this natural territory made up of land and water are also presented to you during your visit which ends, if you wish, with a tasty tasting of the local salt production. COVID-19 INFORMATION Covid 19 measures implemented for this site : - Limited number of simultaneous visitors as per government guidelines : guided tours only and compulsory booking. - Adults and children above 11 are required to wear a securely fitted face mask, it is strongly recommended for children under 11 years old. - Protective measures and social distancing measures must be respected. - Installation of a plexiglass window at the ticket office and ticket agents compulsory wear of a face mask. - Daily disinfection of the premises. - Exhibition building (la Salorge) not accessible to the public (impossibility to respect physical distancing). - Promote contactless payments and debit card payments.

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