Musée national de la Marine

1 place de la Galissonnière 17300 Rochefort
Façace de l'hôtel de Cheusses
1 place de la Galissonnière 17300 Rochefort
Located in the former residence of the Commanders of the Navy, the Hôtel de Cheusses, prior to the creation of the Naval Dockyard was one of the two oldest buildings in Rochefort. The National Marine Museum gathered the most witnesses of the precious stroy of the Naval Dockyard of Rochefort, from its creation in 1666 by Louis XIV until its closure in 1927. Old models of ships and machines, tools, paintings, weapons and many other collections tell a human and collective adventure. The history of the techniques alongside the political stakes, military strategies, the living conditions on board and in the dockyard, the era scientific explorations... all of these are the keys to the understanding of the Naval Dockyard of Rochefort. On the occasion of the filming of a documentary on the history of the sinking of the Medusa in 1816, a replica of the famous raft immortalized by Géricault was made. It is displayed in the courtyard of the National Marine Museum.

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