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77,95 km cycling route from Sarreguemines to Gondrexange

The EuroVelo 5 cycle route leaves Germany at Sarrebruck, entering northeast France. It follows the canalized Sarre, which serves for a time as the border between the two countries. The EV5 arrives at Sarreguemines, a pretty town renowned for its ceramics, then continues along the Sarre Canal. At Sarralbe, the Church of St Martin is known as ‘the cathedral of the Sarre’ for its soaring twin Gothic spires. The town formed part of the Ligne Maginot Aquatique, a water-based defence system. In the Alsace Bossue area, at Harskirchen, discover the unspoilt landscapes of the alluvial plain here, La Honau classified a Natura 2000 Site, home to special flora and fauna. The route crosses woods and beside
lakes (notably Le Stock and Gondrexange), taking you through an exceptional environment.

Elevation of the stage

19 m 93 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 77,97 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 63,69 km Rugueux: 12,25 km Inconnu: 2,03 km


The EuroVelo 5 cycle route is fully signposted along this stage thanks to stickers carrying the EV5 logo placed on signposts. It follows the Sarre Canal for this entire stage. Along the route, you’ll find information panels and interpretative desks, giving cyclists information on the local natural and historic heritage. This is an ideal stretch for families. 

SNCF train stations

Train stations at Sarreguemines, Diemeringen, Oermingen, Sarrebourg and Saverne

  • Regional TER line serving Strasbourg - Sarreguemines - Sarrebruck (ALL)
  • Regional TER line serving Nancy - Saverne - Strasbourg
  • Regional TER line serving Metz - Saverne - Strasbourg

Don’t miss

  • Sarreguemines: Musée des Techniques Faïencières (on local enamelled earthenware).
  • The Parc Nature de Cheval (Neuweyerhof/Altwiller), devoted to horses
  • Vallée de la Sarre à Vélo (250km of further signposted local cycle routes in the Sarre Valley)
  • Musées de la Faïence, with a winter garden, covering Sarreguemines popular traditions, in a listed historic building.
  • Sarralbe: the Church of St Martin.
  • Rhodes: Parc Animalier de Sainte-Croix (zoological park for European and endangered species)
  • Lakelands: in an exceptional natural setting, amidst forests, enjoy the lakes of Mittersheim, Le Stock and Gondrexange.
  • Vallée de la Blies à Vélo, a cycle route leading to the Parc Archéologique Européen de Bliesbruck-Reinheim

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