Grande Traversée L'Alpes-Provence by mountain bike

1 week or more
305 Km
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Col de Larche
L’Alpes-Provence is a Grande Traversée VTT (a major mountain-biking trail) allowing you to discover breathtaking landscapes. Going from mountains to Provençal plains, from the Franco-Italian frontier to the Luberon, along its 305 kilometres, enjoy tackling the finest of mountain-biking trails in the French county of Alpes de Haute-Provence: the Transubayenne, Montclar Bike Park, the otherworldly Terres Noires, the Val de Durance Mountain-biking Site, the Montagne de Lure Enduro Trail and more. This route provides an utterly beautiful, fulfilling, technically challenging trip. Best savour it across several days, preferably practising light bikepacking!

Elevation of the route

9070 m 7465 m

A mountain-biking journey between high mountains and Provençal plains 

Some key facts about the Grande Traversée VTT L'Alpes - Provence:

  • Distance: 305 km 
  • Positive shift in altitude: 8,500 m 
  • Maximum altitude: 2340 m
  • Signposting: route 100% signposted 

Level of difficulty of the route

The route runs through several mountainous zones, presenting cyclists with some technically challenging stretches, in parts requiring a high level of skill, as well as steep shifts in altitude. It is geared to seasoned mountain bikers used to tackling such terrain. 

Practical information

What type of equipment do you need?
As its name indicates, this route is all-terrain and demanding, requiring a good level of experience, so it necessitates a mountain bike! 
Luggage and equipment: bear in mind that you will have to push, or even carry, your bike at times, and that very significant shifts in altitude are involved. Light, suitably adapted equipment is necessary. 

When to go?

The two ideal times to tackle the route are before or after summer, avoiding the worst of the heat, so in spring, from March-April up to June, or then as autumn begins, from September through October.  

How to reach the starting point?

  • Bus Marseille / Barcelonnette - line LER 28: the number of bikes the buses on this line can carry is limited / price per bike at time of writing – €6. Consult the timetables 
  • Bus Barcelonnette / Larche - line L5: there is no guarantee there will be space for bikes on this line, and you have to dismantle your bike for it to be accepted. See details
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