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Pouldreuzic (Penhors)

17,80 km cycling route from Audierne to Pouldreuzic (Penhors)

Wild nature and breathtaking scenery are the order of the day on this stage of the coastal cycle route. From Audierne, in the Goyen estuary, the cycle route moves slightly away from the coast for the first few kilometers, before approaching it again in the commune of Plouhinec, where it skirts the prehistoric site of Menez Drégan, an ancient collapsed sea cave. You pass the cove of Pors Poulhan, which marks the end of Cap Sizun and the beginning of Pays Bigouden. The stage ends at the large beach of Penhors, popular with surfers.

Elevation of the stage

117 m 120 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 0,25 km By road: 17,62 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 17,87 km

The cycle route

The altitude difference on this stage is significant. Some difficult climbs on this route. Note: from the cycle route, there are signposted routes to the towns of Plozévet, Pouldreuzic and Landudec. You can join the V45 cycle route from Quimper and Douarnenez, or make loops with the BreizhGo network's car+bike service.

Car + Bicycle

BreizhGo network car+bike service lines equipped with bike racks

Do not miss 

  • Plozévet : Menhir beach
  • Menez Drégan : cave and archaeological treasure
  • Landudec : Menhir beach
  • Pouldreuzic : Penhors beach

Link routes and alternatives to this stage

This stage includes 2 liaisons (purple on the map)
Liaison 1
GPX track
Liaison 2
GPX track

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