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45,46 km cycling route from Buzet-sur-Baïse to Condom

At Buzet-sur-Baïse, surrounded by vines, two major cycle routes, the Canal des 2 Mers à Vélo and La Scandibérique, meet. From here, cyclists can shift from following the Garonne to following the Baïse River, by heading off southwards from Larderet’s double lock on the Canal de Garonne (just south of Buzet-sur-Baïse) to start on the Vallée de la Baïse à Vélo cycle route. This stage is enchanting, marked by glorious natural landscapes and picturesque bastides, medieval towns built on grid plans. Vianne, its ramparts intact, is the first to stop at, with its shaded, cobbled streets. Waterside Barbaste, at the confluence of Baïse and Gélise, takes you back in time, with Romanesque bridge and fortified medieval mill. Nérac, looking down on the Baïse, merits a full tour, for the Château Musée Henri IV (that French king and his mother’s family, the d’Albrets, closely associated with the place), the historic upper town and the riverbanks below. Leave the d’Albrets’ historic capital peacefully, via the Parc de la Garenne. The route then becomes more challenging, so pause to relax on the Fauteuil des Menteurs, a stone ‘‘throne’’ in the village of Moncrabeau with an amusing tale attached. Final stop, the town of Condom, offering a memorable welcome to the Pays Gascon, Gascon territory!

Elevation of the stage

174 m 210 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 3,91 km By road: 41,55 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 32,15 km Inconnu: 13,32 km

The Route

Your starting point for the Vallée de la Baïse à Vélo cycle route lies just south of the halte nautique (the port on the canal) at Buzet-sur-Baïse, and, to be more precise, at the level of Lardaret’s double lock. The first stretch of our route is shared with the much more extensive Scandibérique cycle route. Hence why you’ll see symbols for both these cycle routes indicated on the signposts. This stage is principally along county and parish roads.

Leaving the Chemin de l’Écluse, a cycle path allows you to reach the junction between D119 and D642 roads safely, then you head for Vianne. A bit before Vianne, the route leads you along a former railway track provided with a decent surface to reach the outskirts of this little bastide town.  

Take care before arriving at Nérac, as you need to ride along the D930 road for a short stretch, involving a left-hand turn to negotiate carefully, as there can be a lot of traffic here at busy times. Also pay attention at the crossroads at the place named Tartifume, making sure to turn right, avoiding going onto the D232 road.

Between Nérac and Condom, there are some significant slopes and winding descents to bear in mind. 

Practical information

SNCF train stations

  • Port-Sainte-Marie train station (along the Canal des 2 Mers à Vélo cycle route)

Don't miss

  • Buzet-sur-Baïse: the capital of the Buzet wine area; the Château de Buzet; the port fluvial or port along the canal with many services; Larderet double lock
  • Vianne: this medieval grid-plan bastide town boasts 1,300m of ramparts, four majestic gateways and a fine central square 
  • Barbaste: the Moulin des Tours d’Henri IV, (a splendid medieval fortified mill); the Romanesque stone bridge; the old wash-house or lavoir
  • Nérac: the medieval and Renaissance centre closely associated with French king Henri IV and his mother’s d’Albret family; the Baïse riverbanks; boating and boat outings 
  • Moncrabeau: the circuit des menteurs or Liars’ Trail, an amusing walking circuit through the village
  • Condom: the cathedral; the cloisters; the historic Maison Aurian; the Hôtel Polignac (an historic mansion, now a state school); the statue of d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers

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