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44,42 Km
2 h 57 min
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44,42 km cycling route from Chemilly to Loulans-Verchamp

At the level of Chemilly, south of Port-sur-Saône, following La Moselle-Saône à Vélo, the Trace du Courlis takes you along the Durgeon Valley to Vesoul. The route is particularly lovely, along a greenway much appreciated by locals. The surroundings are bucolic, while the rather winding track means you never get bored. After Vesoul, a very smooth greenway called Le Chemin Vert leads you between hills through a very relaxing wooded setting. You may feel more than a twinge of regret having to leave this very beautiful stretch at the level of Loulans-Verchamp.

Elevation of the stage

226 m 265 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 38,45 km By road: 5,97 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 44,42 km

The Route

On greenways, with just a few short breaks in continuity, notably to cross the D13 road before Vesoul, where you need to take care. At the level of Montbozon, there’s a short stretch of road you have to take to get around the high-speed rail line here.  
At the end of Le Chemin Vert, to reach Loulans-Verchamp, you carry on along a network of small secondary roads.

SNCF train stations

Vesoul train station

Don’t miss

Chemilly: the confluence of the Saône and Durgeon rivers 
Vaivre and Montoille: the lake
Vesoul: St George’s Church and the Palais de Justice (law courts) built in local pale and blue stone, the Musée d’Art et d’Archéologie, the range of shops, Room 246 in the Grand Hôtel du Nord (where songster Jacques Brel slept when he visited Vesoul!)

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