Saint-Félicien / Devesset (alternative starting point Grande Traversée de l'Ardèche by mountain bike

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49,54 km cycling route from Saint-Félicien to Devesset

For a more physically demanding first stage, opt for this alternative start to the Grande Traversée de l'Ardèche VTT, going from Saint-Félicien, the town that created the iconic, now massive annual cycling gathering, L'Ardéchoise. Head to Lalouvesc, a town at a pass offering vast views, from the Cévennes to the Alps. Riding these 50km of trails full of challenges, with all their climbs and descents, very demanding stretches on single tracks, plus splendid views proves a joy for seasoned mountain bikers. Join the main cycle route on the plateau to Devesset Lake.

Elevation of the stage

1519 m 2143 m

La Grande Traversée de l'Ardèche by MTB from Saint-Félicien to Devesset

The route is signposted Grande Traversée de l'Ardèche VTT

From Saint-Félicien, the cycle route shares the way with the VTT-FFC du Pays de Saint-Félicien trail up to the town of Lalouvesc and is signposted in red N°101 Le Bois Noir for 16km. From Rochepaule to Devesset Lake, the way is shared with the GR430 French national hiking trail.

Don’t miss

  • Saint-Félicien: the town that created L'Ardéchoise, one of Europe’s greatest annual cycling gatherings; caillé doux, a raw goat’s milk cheese; La Claie Ardéchoise, for dried fruit that’s 100% organic, 100% local, 100% fruit.
  • Lalouvesc: the Rochelipe quarter; St Régis basilica and chapel
  • Rochepaule: swimming in the lake 
  • Devesset: Devesset Lake, with bathing possible

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