Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne / Rocamadour La Vagabonde

Canals & intimate rivers
57,13 Km
3 h 48 min
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57,13 km cycling route from Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne to Rocamadour

Leaving behind the shaded, wooded roads of the département (county) of Corrèze, La Vagabonde cycle route now guides riders along bucolic little country roads often used by farmers in the northern part of the département of the Lot. Before re-joining the magnificent Dordogne Valley, you ride through long-established farmland marked by walnut orchards. From the village of Gluges, a first slope with a pretty stone wall guarding one side of the road enables you to meander up above the valley. Next, follow the way to Lacave, its name making clear that this parish conceals one of the most remarkable caves in the Lot. Leaving Lacave, a long, challenging slope takes you up to the splendid pilgrimage village of Rocamadour, drawing tourists from around the globe. You find yourself at the top of the cliff on the north side of the village, enjoying amazing views down on the Alzou Valley and the religious shrine clinging to the cliff. An unmissable place to visit along this cycle route, explore its medieval lanes, walk along the castle ramparts and pay your respects to the Black Virgin. Rocamadour’s religious shrine has been classified as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site devoted to Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage sites.

Elevation of the stage

575 m 608 m

Waytypes of the stage

By road: 57,13 km

Surface of the stage

Inconnu: 57,13 km

The Route

This stage leads cyclists along small country roads sometimes used by farm vehicles.  

Practical information

Tourist offices
Offices de tourisme Vallée de la Dordogne Place Marbot 19120 Beaulieu sur Dordogne et rue Roland le Preux 46500 Rocamadour - 05 65 33 22 00

SNCF train stations

  • Gare de St-Denis-lès-Martel
  • Gare de Rocamadour

Don't miss 

  • Lacave: impressive caves, offering a unique experience, a 1hr 30min tour taking you along 1.5km of underground galleries by little electric train.
  • Martel: known as the town of the seven towers, this charming little historic settlement in the Dordogne Valley was built on the causse, or limestone plateau, that carries its name.
  • Rocamadour: with the sacred religious shrine at its core and the medieval village built around it, all clinging to terraces built into the dramatic cliffside, the natural and architectural stone lit in particularly fiery colours by the setting sun, Rocamadour rises 120m above a canyon through which the Alzou, a tributary of the Dordogne River, flows.

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