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1 h 47 min
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26,82 km cycling route from Morlaix to Plougasnou

On leaving the historic town of Morlaix, the Vélomaritime heads off in the direction of Plougasnou. At Le Dourduff-en-Mer, why not taste some fine local oysters before continuing along the coast?
You head up the side of the Bay of Morlaix. At each turn, a new rocky headland comes into view, or then another of the islands that form part of the ornithological reserve here. Further on, you'll spot the Château du Taureau and Louët Island.

Elevation of the stage

293 m 342 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 2,77 km By road: 24,05 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 23,83 km Rugueux: 2,99 km

The route 

Mainly along minor roads that stick very close to the coast. Leaving Primel-Trégastel, there's a stretch involving a gradient of over 10%. Some of the coastal sections are along a county road (the D76 between Le Dourduff and Plougasnou and on the edge of St-Jean-Du-Doigt)."


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