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Le Voyage à Nantes à vélo
Originally conceived as a pedestrian tour for locals and visitors alike to enjoy on their own, the Voyage à Nantes (VAN) is now quite easily accessible to cyclists. Follow the green line to embark on an intense tour of Nantes, taking in heritage sights, curiosities, contemporary art and architecture, and exceptional viewing points. VAN offers a really original way of exploring the evolving shape of the city, or La Forme d’une ville, as the great Nantais writer Julien Gracq referred to in his loving autobiographical tribute to Nantes. Do though use a bicycle lock if you leave your bike to go and visit any sights.
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Cycle route

Follow the green line that wends its way through the streets of Nantes. As this route was first conceived for pedestrians, there are a few places where you have to get off your bike to continue following its course. The description is given in anti-clockwise direction.

Take care at these particular points:
• dismount and push your bike at the following points: in the tunnel under the Canal St-Félix (there is a special grooved track in which you can roll your bike); in the pedestrian tunnel link for Nantes train station (note that beside the staircase serving the station’s north exit, there is a grooved bicycle track in which you can roll your bike); in the Jardin des Plantes; along Cours Cambronne; along Rue Kérvégan
• along pedestrian and cobbled streets, please cycle very slowly

Don’t miss

Nantes: the château, its museum and the reflective water features; the cathedral and Chapelle de l’Oratoire; the classical Graslin Theatre and Art Deco restaurant La Cigale opposite; Passage Pommeraye (an elegant 19th-century covered shopping arcade); Le Lieu Unique (a cultural centre in an iconic, trendily transformed biscuit factory); the Mémorial de l’Abolition de l’Esclavage (recalling France’s abolition of slavery and the fact that Nantes was one of the French ports that profited most from the slave trade) ; Les Machines de l’île (amazing outsized mechanical creatures on which you can take a ride on the central Ile de Nantes, including the most recent, Le Carrousel des mondes marins); major artworks scattered around town, such as the Station Prouvé, Les stations gourmandes, Nymphéa, L’arbre à basket, Résolution des forces en présence, Les anneaux, Mètre à rubans, Air, Canadienne, L’absence; contemporary art galleries like Hab Galerie; and much more.


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