In the vineyards, Canals & intimate rivers
One day trip
350 Km
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Nantes makes a perfect starting point for cycling days out. Whether you’re riding alone or as a family, in the heart of city or heading off to explore its surrounds, Nantes conceals 1,001 attractions to discover on cycling outings. All has been thought out to help you benefit to the maximum from the beauty of this Loire-side area and to discover its many gems. The range of circuits allows you to fully explore this metropolis by bike, so it’s just up to you to choose the cycling days out that appeal!

Elevation of the route

753 m 753 m

Waytypes of the cycle route

Cycle path: 112,40 km By road: 148,73 km

Surface of the cycle route

Lisse: 236,16 km Rugueux: 19,82 km Accidenté: 1,70 km Inconnu: 3,44 km
17,75 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I begin / Family

Alongside Erdre river

Making use of the Vélodyssée cycle route, this cycling trip allows you to escape Nantes, benefiting from the peaceful [...]

20,86 Km
Nature & small heritage
I cycle often

Guerlain's hunting house

A cycling trip as far as Bouaye might remind nostalgic Nantais locals of the novelty of French workers’ iconic [...]

17,22 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I begin / Family

Nantes / Mauves

A perfect cycling outing for discovering the Loire’s banks, offering unbroken, unbeatable views of the great river. [...]

10,46 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I begin / Family

Around Nantes island

Start at La Nef des Machines (home to Nantes’s famed giant mechanical elephant and more), in the northwest corner of [...]

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