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34,57 km cycling route from Flez-Cuzy to Champlemy

Cycle out from the medieval town of Tannay heading alongside vines that recall the area’s long wine-making past. The vineyards of the département, or county, of Nièvre, reputed since the Middle Ages, were wiped out by a phylloxera epidemic at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, oenologists and wine-makers are reviving this once-renowned wine area. Carry on riding along shaded roads through state-owned forests. Many of Burgundy’s roads are much appreciated by cycling tourists, who can make the most of the many country roads little used by motorized vehicles. Between forests, the landscapes open up, with agricultural fields full of cereals and sunflowers all around. The last hills along this stage take on a lovely golden light in the summer sun.

Elevation of the stage

387 m 510 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 1,13 km By road: 33,44 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 5,10 km Rugueux: 29,48 km

Cycle route from Flez-Cuzy to Champlemy

Continuing along county roads that don’t see too much motorized traffic, this stage of the Saint-Jacques à Vélo - Via Vézelay cycle route doesn’t present any particular difficulties. The area’s county council, the Conseil départemental de la Nièvre, has very clearly signposted the route, so follow the signs taking you along the D6, D278, D102 and D127 roads. Do take care at any crossroads. Midway between Tannay and Varzy, you cross the Beuvron River.
This stage of the cycle route also crosses the national hiking trail, the GR®654, or Voie de Vézelay (Vézelay Way), at several points. If you pass hikers with a scallop shell featuring on their rucksacks, it’s a sign you’re on the right track!  
Varzy makes an ideal spot to take a pause. You’ll find all the necessary facilities, although do remember that shops may close on French public holidays!  
We advise against following the national N151 road to reach La Charité-sur-Loire. In contrast to the county roads, this trunk road is very busy with motorized traffic and doesn’t have safety measures in place for cyclists. In addition, it doesn’t lead you through country parts.   

Tourist information

Don't miss

  • Tannay: the medieval town, with a traditional wine cellar to visit
  • Varzy: Église Saint-Pierre, the Musée municipal Auguste Grasset, a cabinet of curiosities put together by an amateur collector, covering three levels and including Egyptian artefacts (including two sarcophagi), weapons and garments from South Pacific islands, not forgetting sculptures and paintings from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and pre-Impressionism.

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