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After visiting Belfort’s historic centre and citadel, still in the heart of town, start cycling beside the Savoureuse, main river of the Vosges Belfortaines mountains. Past Belfort-Montbéliard TGV station (for high-speed trains), a pretty but technically demanding stretch through forest leads to Bourogne and the Canal du Rhône au Rhin, where paths cross with the EuroVelo 6 cycle route. Follow the Allaine River towards the foothills of the Swiss portion of the Jura Mountains. At Delle, after a substantial slope, a simple post marks the Franco-Swiss frontier. Up to Buix, the route is bucolic, along the bottom of Jura foothills. The Allaine Valley broadens out, a wide road leading you gently down to your destination. Enjoy a hot chocolate admiring Porrentruy Castle and stroll around the delightful lanes.
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The Route

Signposted La Francovélosuisse (v64) along the whole route

Connection with the Eurovelo 6 cycle route

At the level of Bourogne, along a stretch of the Canal du Rhône au Rhin

SNCF train stations


Unmissable sights

Belfort: the historic centre, the citadel designed by Vauban and Haxo, Bartholdi’s giant lion sculpture, the sentier découverte (a discovery trail), Malsaucy Nature Reserve
Danjoutin: Les Basses Perches Fort
Delle: the historic centre, the Maison des Cariatides house, the bicycle stands where you can leave your bike to make the most of walking around the lanes
Boncourt: the panoramic tower, Klicher Bridge, the statue of St Nicholas, the Maison des Frères Breton
Buix: the dolmen, the vineyards, the river, Babö Lake, chapels and the priory
Porrentruy: the historic old town, the castle, the historic hospital (or Hôtel-Dieu), the botanical garden

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