Lake & Swim, Panoramas
44,22 Km
2 h 56 min
Moutain bike
5 Voir toutes les photos Saint-Genès-Champanelle / Murol
After Laschamps, the GTMC by mountain bike leads you along splendid paths up to Orcival via Recoleine. Visit the Basilique Notre-Dame-des-Fers, a major Romanesque church. The route then leads you gradually up into the Massif du Sancy, another major Auvergne range. Consider picnicking beside Servières Lake before crossing the vast summer pastures on high, which impart a wonderful sense of freedom. A pretty, lightly wooded stretch takes you to Pessade, a resort perfect for outdoor pursuits thanks to its fine natural setting. The end of the stage offers the highlight of Lac Chambon, the Massif du Sancy as backdrop. You may well be tempted by a dip in the lake!
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