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38,41 km cycling route from Castéra-Verduzan to Mirande

After sampling the calcium-, magnesium- and sulphur-rich thermal waters of the Castéra-Verduzan spring called La Renaissance, time for you to ride on rejuvenated to the more conventional waters of the Baïse River. The cycle route leads you through bucolic hills, past typical Gers bastide settlements, up to Mirande. In the commune, or parish, of St-Jean-Poutge, the Château de Herrebouc is worth pausing at, especially as the slope just after it is quite challenging; climbing steeply up a hillside, our cycle route does though offer beautiful views over the valley. Past Brouilh-Monbert, hardier cyclists can head on to the little city of Auch (capital of the county of Gers) via a parish road, the C8. For an easier time, continue on to L’Isle-Noé. At the confluence of the Petite Baïse and (Grande) Baïse Rivers, this lovely village boasts a château, a public garden and… a rugby ground, reflecting the iconic sport in these parts. Finally, you arrive at Mirande, the Gascon bastide par excellence, divided up into a grid pattern of 49 identical plots of historic houses.

Elevation of the stage

144 m 146 m

Waytypes of the stage

By road: 38,41 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 38,41 km

The Route

On this stage, the cycle route sticks wholly to parish and county roads. 
Watch out for the left turn off the D939 road towards the Château de Herrebouc. There are a few short stretches along the D939 road between St-Paul de Baïse and Saint-Jean-Poutge and before Le Brouilh-Monbert where you need to keep focused and stay well to the right.

Shortly after Brouilh-Monbert, a link that at time of writing still isn’t signposted allows you to reach the little city of Auch via the C8 parish road. This link is only suitable for experienced cyclists, as it involves significant shifts in altitude and some very technically demanding descents on narrow tracks, the surfacing pebbly and bobbly, the slopes steep and the bends tight.

Practical information

SNCF train stations

  • Auch train station is accessible via the link mentioned, which isn’t signposted as of time of writing

Don't miss 

  • Castéra-Verduzan: a small thermal spa resort crossed by the Auloue River, a pleasant place to go shopping as well as offering the following leisure activities: a casino; hiking trails, including to the hamlet of Vieux Castera; bathing in the lake (accredited Blue Flag status for its clean waters) with watersports available in summer from the outdoor leisure activities base (base de loisirs).
  • Saint-Jean-Poutge: château and domaine de Herrebouc
  • Barran (on the link towards Auch): Château de Mazères, the former summer residence of the archbishops of Auch 
  • Auch: Cathédrale Sainte-Marie; the Musée des Amériques (the town museum including a major pre-Colombian collection); the statue of musketeer d’Artagnan; the monumental public staircase (linking historic upper town and river); Promenade Claude Desbons (the riverside walk beside the Gers River); the Allées d’Étigny (a smart formal area in the upper town)
  • L’Isle-de-Noé: the 13th-century church; the 18th-century château; the public gardens
  • Mirande: church of St Mary in southern French Gothic style; Place d’Astarac (the main square); historic timberframe houses and arcades (here known as couverts)

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