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185 Km
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This unique véloroute, or special cycle path, links two of Normandy's most iconic sights. It starts at the D-Day beaches, where the Allied troops famously landed in June 1944 in order to overthrow the German forces occupying France. It then takes you west to the glorious vision of the Mont St-Michel, the famed island crowned by a stunning medieval monastery. The route allows you to explore the two Normandy départements (or counties) of Calvados and Manche. Immerse yourself in the typical Norman atmosphere of this exceptional cycle path, which takes you along via beautiful, now-tranquil hedgerows, hills and valleys.

Elevation of the route

1064 m 1008 m

Waytypes of the cycle route

Cycle path: 138,72 km By road: 136,69 km

Surface of the cycle route

Lisse: 209,86 km Rugueux: 14,81 km Accidenté: 28,99 km Inconnu: 21,74 km

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22,88 Km
Nature & small heritage
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Bayeux / Tilly-sur-Seulles

The Véloroute Plages du Débarquement Mont Saint-Michel leads you along small roads crossing the Bessin area around [...]

24,48 Km
Nature & small heritage
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Vire / Sourdeval

The busy market town of Vire has ancient roots, but it was heavily reconstructed after Allied bombing in 1944. Look [...]

18,37 Km
Canals & intimate rivers, Nature & small heritage
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Sourdeval / Mortain

Leaving Sourdeval you enter very pretty country: the area around Mortain is surrounded by woods and here, amidst [...]

24,59 Km
Seaside, Castles & Monuments
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Ducey / Mont-Saint-Michel

The final stage of la Véloscénie and a spectacular resting point on the Tour de Manche, where the greenway rolls all [...]

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