Saint-Haon - Nouveau Monde / Langogne Via Allier

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Saint-Haon - Nouveau Monde

34,07 km cycling route from Saint-Haon - Nouveau Monde to Langogne

You may be reaching the end of the Via Allier cycle route, but the hamlet of Le Nouveau Monde makes for a stunning start to this last stage. Located in the parish of Chapeauroux, the combination here of curving 19th-century railway viaduct and basalt cirque (or geological amphitheatre), dug out by the river over millions of years, makes for a glorious sight. Pedal beside the river and the Cévennes railway line for a time before climbing onto the Devès Plateau to reach the little medieval town of Pradelles, at the frontier between the Auvergne and Occitanie Regions.

Elevation of the stage

699 m 618 m

Waytypes of the stage

By road: 34,07 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 33,04 km Inconnu: 1,03 km

The Via Allier cycle route from Saint-Haon to Langogne

This last stage of the Via Allier cycle route starts with a rapid, winding descent to the hamlet of Le Nouveau Monde and the banks of the Allier River, going via the D31 road. Then follows a long climb up to Pradelles along the D40. Having crossed this little town’s cobbled lanes, the cycle route finishes with a stretch on narrow parish roads taking you as far as the neighbouring little town of Langogne. Take care arriving at Langogne and riding along the RN88 road.

Don't miss

  • Le Nouveau-Monde: a hamlet beside the Allier River, its name reflecting the time when the spectacular railway line was being built here in the 19th century.
  • Ligne des Cévennes train line: a 19th-century railway line built to connect Paris and Marseille, crossing the Massif Central, the mountainous area with the Auvergne at its core.
  • Rauret: the 12th-century church with its narrow bell-gable; the 13th-century Château de Jagonas (private); the Arquejols Viaduct.
  • Saint-Etienne-du-Vigan: the Romanesque church with a narrow bell-gable; the 17th-century Tour de Beaune (private). 
  • Pradelles: a village that’s part of the association Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. Check out: the fortified gateways and fine old mansions; the 20th-century church and vestiges of the Chapelle des Pénitents; the viewing tables and fine viewing points.

Railway station

Gare à Chapeauroux et Langogne : Ligne TER Clermont-Ferrand <> Langogne

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