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18,34 Km
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18,34 km cycling route from Merdrignac to St-Méen-le-Grand

This stage takes you through farmland, with long straight sections that are great for racing joyously along. When you come to the Forest of La Hardouinais, slow down a bit and you might be lucky and be able to spot the odd wild animal.

Elevation of the stage

92 m 60 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 15,37 km By road: 2,98 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 0,25 km Rugueux: 15,29 km

The route

The signage along the route is complete, but interspersed with older signs indicating ‘Chemin de Randonnée’ or ‘Chemin du Petit Train’ alongside more recent signs for ‘V6’ (Route 6). Note that the distance given in km varies according to the type of panel; the older ones only cover stretches on the greenway, while the more recent ones calculate right up to the destination. In villages near the greenway you won’t always find signs leading to the greenway, so if you leave the route to explore such villages, note how to get back to the greenway.


From the place called Beauregard, you can leave the greenway for a signposted link to the town of Saint-Méen-le-Grand, going via small roads. There are also links to the train stations of La Brohinière and Montauban-de-Bretagne.

SNCF Train Services

The closest train stations to Saint-Méen-le-Grand are: La Brohinière train station and Montauban-de-Bretagne train station.
La Brohinière TER regional train station: on the line Rennes/Lamballe/St-Brieuc. You can use this link by following the V3 route up to the level of Le Crouais, then following cycling trail ‘Louison Bobet’ n°1, signposted in the direction La Brohinière-Le Crouais, up to La Brohinière train station.

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