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Croix Régis

28,97 km cycling route from St-Maurice-sur-Dargoire to Croix Régis

Technical and chaotic descents on rocky slabs, climbs on stony paths... there's no respite on this long mountain bike trail that takes you into the Pilat Regional Nature Park after crossing the Gier valley. A feast for the eyes, perhaps less so for the legs!

Elevation of the stage

603 m 691 m

The cycle route

A generally technical and sporty stage, with a first section on rocky slabs to descend to the Gier, followed by a climb to Croix Régis in 2 stages, totalling around 500 metres of D+.

Points to watch

  • Descent on granite slabs, slippery trail in wet weather (after chemin des Ponçonnières).
  • Crossing the D342 at Flachemaron

Don't miss

  • Chemin Turigneux cross (Saint-Maurice-sur-Dargoire)
  • Conical well near the secular oak (Le Layer, Saint-Maurice-sur-Dargoire)

See & know

  • Gier Roman aqueduct - Pont des Granges
  • Château d'Écossieux
  • Pilat regional park
  • Pêt du Loup sensitive natural area

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