Grande Traversée du Rhône by mountain bike

In the vineyards, Mountains
1 week or more
230 Km
I cycle a lot
An off-road cycle route from the heart of the Beaujolais to the Rhône Valley, taking in the Monts du Lyonnais and the Pays des Pierres Dorées. Over 230 kilometers, the Grande Traversée du Rhône by MTB reveals vineyards and orchards, forests and mid-range mountains along its many trails. As you ascend, you'll be treated to panoramic views of lush green landscapes, followed by descents that are both technical and rolling. Small heritage sites and charming villages will also punctuate your journey, as many places to explore as stops to rest and refuel.

Elevation of the route

5596 m 5555 m

Grande Traversée du Rhône by mountain bike

Key information about the Grande Traversée du Rhône by mountain bike :

  • Distance: 230 km
  • Maximum altitude: 860 metres
  • Signposting: 100% signposted route

Course difficulty

The GTR by mountain bike is made up of an alternation of trails, paths and roads that are fairly accessible to any regular mountain biker, with a few technical sections identified in the stages. The difficulty lies mainly in the high cumulative gradient of the route.

Equipment and bike

  • Which bike should I choose for the GTR MTB? As its name suggests, this route is off-road and technical on certain sections, so a mountain bike is required (the route is not suitable for gravel bikes!).
  • What equipment should I choose? Light, optimized "bikepacking" equipment is recommended to minimize your effort.

Trains and stations on the Grande Traversée du Rhône VTT

Stations at the start and finish of the route enable you to take your bike directly from Lyon or Valence by TER.

How do I get to the starting point?

Romanèche-Thorins station (start of the route): Valence - Mâcon line
Direct from: Lyon (40 min), Valence (2h), Mâcon (15 min)

How do I get back from the finish point?

Saint-Clair-les-Roches station (1km from the finish): Valence - Mâcon line
Direct to: Lyon (30 min), Valence (40 min), Mâcon (1h30)

Other stations along the route:

Lamure sur Azergues, Amplepuis, Legny, Chessy, Sain-Bel

The Grande Traversée du Rhône VTT has been certified "Grande Traversée VTT®" by the French Cycling Federation.

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17,88 Km
In the vineyards
I cycle often

Lancié / Régnié-Durette

The first stage of this Grande Traversée du Rhône à VTT in the heart of the Beaujolais region, and already the first [...]

16,54 Km
In the vineyards, In forest
I cycle a lot

Le Perréon / Grandris

Short but steady, this stage of the GTR by mountain bike, lightened by descents and restorative flats, reaches the Col [...]

25,82 Km
In forest
I cycle often

Oingt / L'Arbresle

A mountain bike stage of gentle climbs followed by pleasant descents, as you discover the villages of the Pierres [...]

13,09 Km
In the vineyards
I cycle often

L'Arbresle / Le Martinet

A distinctive landscape, with wide-open views over the undulating vineyards and beautiful vistas of the Monts d'Or and [...]

15,28 Km
In forest
I cycle a lot

Le Martinet / Yzeron

Certainly one of the most beautiful sections of the Grande Traversée du Rhône VTT, but not the easiest! After a long [...]

16,08 Km
In forest
I cycle often

Croix Régis / Condrieu

A downhill profile for this final off-road stage, overlooking the Rhône valley, under the eye of the Oeillon, between [...]

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