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32,15 Km
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32,15 km cycling route from Marthon to Angoulême

La Flow Vélo now heads for Angoulême, French capital of comics and drawing. Following Le Bandiat’s valley, the Coulée d’Oc greenway provides a tranquil route through the countryside and little villages embellished with beautiful Romanesque churches. At Chazelles, the Grottes du Quéroy provide a refreshing stop, with their underground maze of caves. The cycle route then meanders towards Angoulême, going along the Touvre – it’s worth exploring this river’s surprising sources.

Elevation of the stage

136 m 62 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 20,34 km By road: 11,81 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 29,18 km Rugueux: 2,98 km

The route

La Flow Vélo continues along La Coulée d'Oc greenway, its surface tarmacked up to Angoulême. Then you alternate between stretches on greenways and on little-used streets, taking you to the Charente River and its banks, laid out as a ‘coulée verte’, or green corridor.

Connection with EuroVelo 3 - La Scandibérique

From Marthon station, head north towards Montbron to follow the Scandibérique. To the south, La Scandibérique and La Flow Vélo follow the same route to Châteauneuf-sur-Charente.

Train stations

At Angoulême

  • Regional train line (TER) Angoulême - Châteauneuf-sur-Charente - Jarnac - Cognac - Saintes - Saujon - Royan
  • Regional train line (TER) Angoulême - Poitiers
  • Regional train line (TER) - Angoulême - Bordeaux
  • Fast-speed train (TGV) Angoulême - Bordeaux, Angoulême - Paris; Angoulême - Poitiers

Don't miss

  • Marthon: Donjon de la tour du Breuil, la chapelle porte st jean
  • Saint Germain de Montbron: Moulin de la chaume, watermill producing flour and artisanal oils, Jeux me régale, resto-games concept
  • Chazelles: water mill - craft brewery, Quéroy caves - ancient prehistoric shelter,
  • Touvre: the sources of the Touvre
  • Angoulême: painted walls, comic strip museum, international city of comic strips and images, paper museum, drawing table, Poitou-Charentes regional contemporary art fund, Angoulême museum, Saint Pierre cathedral

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