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Le Pellerin
Contemporary art features large along the Loire’s long estuary and this stage shared by the Loire à Vélo and Velodyssey cyles routes. The installations are startling, set in unusual locations. They offer joyous surprises close to the city of Nantes.
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On the right-hand bank of the Loire, the cycle routes are currently uneven: cycle strips and lanes.  Traffic is particularly heavy here, so caution.  

Alternative and connections

A route south of the Loire is currently under development - from Île de Nantes > Trentemoult > Bouguenais > La Montagne > St-Jean-de-Boiseau > Le Pellerin.  This will, in particular, allow the discovery of another part of the perennial works displayed on the Estuary as well as a more natural Loire.  

Connections on the route towards stations. 

ATTENTION: the ferryboat does not work on May 1st.


Nantes Métropole : 0892 464 044

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