Gilly-sur-Loire / Bourbon-Lancy Le Tour de Bourgogne by bike

Canals & intimate rivers
9,27 Km
37 min
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You feel the irresistible pull of the Loire on this Tour de Bourgogne by bike stage. From Gilly-sur-Loire to the charming little thermal spa town of Bourbon-Lancy, a pretty cycle track goes along a disused railway line. A highlight is the Château de Saint-Aubin-sur-Loire, its formal French gardens descending to the river. This stage is easy and enjoyable.

Elevation of the stage

17 m 17 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 9,25 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 9,25 km Inconnu: 0,01 km


Greenway from Gilly-sur-Loire to the entrance to Bourbon-Lancy, then follow signposts for the town centre via the Le Breuil lake.


Railway station - SNCF

No station on this stage. Nearest station : Gilly-sur-Loire and Decize


Don’t miss

St-Aubin-sur-Loire: a neoclassical château with French-style formal gardens and kitchen garden, to be visited on guided tours
Bourbon-Lancy: an historic thermal spa town set in traditional Burgundian countryside; a medieval quarter boasting a drawbridge, half-timbered houses, a 10th-century church, a clocktower and many flowers; Le Breuil Lake; the casino. Many events too.



Bourbon-Lancy : Saturday morning


Tourist Information Centre

Bourbon-Lancy: +33(0)3 85 89 18 27

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