Commercy / Saint-Mihiel The Meuse cycle route

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Don't forget to stop at the truffle and truffle-farming centre in Boncourt-sur-Meuse before continuing on to Saint-Mihiel, a Renaissance town and birthplace of sculptor Ligier Richier, born around 1500. Mécrin, Brasseitte and Han-sur-Meuse can be found in the Lorraine regional nature park, which offers a wide variety of natural environments including forests, 200 forest or meadow ponds and 340 pools. All perfect for the outstanding fauna and flora.
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The route

After departing Commercy, take the green route along the Meuse. Next, turn right towards Pont-sur-Meuse. Between Brasseitte and Ailly, the route continues along an agricultural road. After Ailly-sur-Meuse, there's a short steep hill. It’s the only way to avoid a very busy road. At the top of this hill you'll find Tranchée de la Soif  (the Trench of Thirst) a historical site from the First World War.

Key sites

- The church of Saint-Etienne with the entombment of Ligier Richier

- Tranchée de la Soif.

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