The Meuse cycle route

Canals & intimate rivers, Nature & small heritage
1 week or more
443 Km
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European cycle route, La Meuse à Vélo (Meuse by bike) crosses the French county (or département) of Ardennes using the greenway called the Trans-Ardennes. Running along the towpath beside the Meuse River from Remilly-Aillicourt to Givet, this cycle route was voted Véloroute de l'année (Cycle Route of the Year) in 2011. The rugged landscapes here have inspired countless legends. Remarkable architecture also marks the way, such as the vast Château-Fort of Sedan and the grand facades of Place Ducale square in the town of Charleville-Mézières.

Waytypes of the cycle route

Cycle path: 126,29 km By road: 321,98 km

Surface of the cycle route

Lisse: 446,81 km Rugueux: 1,47 km

Signposting and state of the itinerary

The 443 km of the itinerary Meuse by bike are signposted and rideable. The logo of the itinerary "V54" will be indicated on the panels.

The route is mostly developped on designated lanes for cyclists.

Services and accomodations "Accueil Vélo" ("Cyclists Welcome") on The Vélodyssée

More than 15 accomodations (campings, hotels, lodges, guest houses) "Accueil Vélo" ("Cyclists Welcome") are located at less than 5km away from the itinerary and they guarantee quality services for cyclists such as a closed garage for example. We strongly advise to book your accomodations in advance (including campings), especially in touristic areas.

Trains and public transports alongside Meuse by bike

  • TER railway Charleville-Mézières <> Givet (see schedule) :
    ⚠ Work in progress on the line ⚠
      - From June 15 to August 28, 2020: continuous closure between Revin (excluded) and Givet
      - From July 6 to August 28, 2020: continuous closure between Charleville and Revin.
    Alternative means of transportation will be put in place. Bicycle racks will be available for buses.
  • TER railway Sedan - Charleville-Mézières - Reims - Paris Est (see schedule) :

Long-time parkings on la Meuse à vélo


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44,62 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I cycle often

Langres / Montigny le Roi

You'll be setting off from Langres, Europe's largest fortified city with its 8 km of walls. After leaving the hometown [...]

31,11 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I cycle often

Bourmont / Neufchâteau

Vosges, here we come! Along the way you'll come across some charming villages and you'll almost certainly love [...]

26,45 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I cycle often

Vaucouleurs / Commercy

You have now reached the town of Vaucouleurs, a town associated with Joan of Arc. Vaucouleurs was founded in [...]

22,53 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I cycle a lot

Commercy / Saint-Mihiel

Don't forget to stop at the truffle and truffle-farming centre in Boncourt-sur-Meuse before continuing on to [...]

38,32 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I cycle often

Saint-Mihiel / Verdun

The Meuse today has one of the world's most extensive collection of great war heritage sites. This historical [...]

42,15 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I cycle often

Verdun / Dun sur Meuse

En route for Dun-sur-Meuse, birthplace of Jean Robert Ipoustéguy, famous international 20th sculptor. A keen [...]

14,38 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I cycle often

Dun sur Meuse / Stenay

During this stage, you can stop along the way to discover the church of Mont-devant-Sassey, an impressive 11th century [...]

45,20 Km
Nature & small heritage
I cycle a lot

Stenay / Sedan

Travelling through the gently sloping landscapes, this stage of La Meuse à Vélo winds its way leisurely along the the [...]

33,93 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I cycle often

Monthermé / Haybes

This stage of La Meuse à Vélo passes through the steepest section of the Ardennes range. Here, the forest-covered [...]

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