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For a bucolic change of scene, the Tour du Jura Vélo Loisirs (the leisure-focused version of the major cycle route options around the French département, or county, of Jura) encourages riders to head out on a relaxing, ‘‘slow’’ cycling trip. Take several days to complete this trail offering a perfect balance between culture, nature and gastronomy, leading you to some of the Jura’s most beautiful towns: Dole, known for its culinary traditions and awarded Ville d’Art et d’Histoire status for its heritage; Arbois, capital of Jura wines; and Poligny, capital of Comté cheese. This cycle route so well geared to tourism immerses riders in the Jura’s countryside, going along stretches of the Doubs and Loue Rivers, through Chaux Forest and Jura vineyards, and into the distinctive, dramatic steephead valleys of the Revermont area, geological treasures. Along the Tour du Jura Vélo Loisirs, enjoy the mix of rich heritage and beautiful countryside, plus unexpected encounters, giving you memories to cherish.

Elevation of the route

1029 m 1029 m

Waytypes of the cycle route

Cycle path: 65,51 km By road: 92,33 km

Surface of the cycle route

Lisse: 148,51 km Rugueux: 4,23 km Inconnu: 5,10 km

150km along the Tour du Jura Vélo Loisirs


info General information

The Tour du Jura Vélo Loisirs (the leisure-focused version of the major cycle route options around the Jura) is a loop starting from Dole, 158km in length, and fully signposted, in clockwise direction. 

●    Around 60% of this cycle route is along greenways, the other 40% on quiet roads shared with motorized traffic.
●    This cycle route doesn’t present any particular physical challenges. It is accessible to all, including beginners and those using electric bikes (e-bikes, known as VAE in French). Please note, however, that the stretches along roads shared with motorized traffic do require a basic knowledge of cycling proficiency and safety, as you will encounter motorized vehicles. 

hotel Services

Please note, accommodation along certain stretches of the cycle route is limited, so do consider reserving in advance. Cycling tourists might of course look out for Accueil Vélo-accredited accommodation.

train Trains et transports along the Tour du Jura Vélo Loisirs :

To reach the starting point at Dole train station:

Further main train stations along the Lyon > Besançon line that serve the cycle route:

  • Arc-et-Senans : TER regional services
  • Mouchard : high-speed services to and from Lyon, plus TER regional services
  • Arbois : TER regional services
  • Poligny : TER regional services
  • Domblans : TER regional services

Leaving from the finishing point (at Dole again!):

  • Main line trains to Dijon and Paris, as well as to Lyon and to Switzerland
  • Returning to: Paris (3h20, Intercités) |  Lyon et Geneva

Connections with further cycle routes 

There are several possibilities for creating your own interlinked cycling tour, thanks to several connections with further cycle routes (véloroutes in French):

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