Vélocéan from Pénestin to St-Molf Vélocéan cycle route

22,59 Km
1 h 36 min
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22,59 km cycling route from Pénestin to St-Molf

This stage, heading south from the Vilaine Estuary, is classed as being for expert cyclists, with a lot of stretches going along the water’s edge. The Pointe du Bile Headland is a great spot at which to stop and appreciate the maritime atmosphere. As to the Bay of Pont-Mahé, with its gently sloping beach, you’ll see how it’s a favourite for learner windsurfers.

Elevation of the stage

82 m 75 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 6,20 km By road: 16,38 km Inconnu: 0,01 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 12,01 km Rugueux: 10,38 km Inconnu: 0,19 km

Cycle route

This stage going on small roads through built-up areas and past old-style coastal villas.

Be careful not to be misled by signs for local cycle trails that can easily make you take a wrong route.
In holiday season, traffic can be heavy heading for the beaches.
At Pont-Mahé, there’s a rough stretch of track.

Tourist offices

Don’t miss

La Mine d’Or Beach; La Pointe du Bile Headland; Pont-Mahé Bay

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