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40,37 km cycling route from Metabief to Chapelle-Des-Bois

Métabief was made for mountain biking. It was one of the first ski resorts to open its ski slopes to mountain bikes in summer and provides the perfect opportunity to try out downhill mountain biking. At all events, whether by bike or by chair lift, make sure to get to the summit of the Mont d’Or, at 1,463m the roof of the county of Doubs, with breathtaking views across to neighbouring Switzerland and down to the Alps. After that, glide over to Mouthe and visit the source of the Doubs River, which has served as your companion since Mandeure. You’ll encounter a ski jump, recalling that you’re in a part of France specializing in Nordic ski activities.

Elevation of the stage

698 m 776 m

Grande Traversée du Jura by mountain bike from Metabief to Chapelle-Des-Bois

Providing a relatively easy ride, this GTJ by MTB ("GTJ VTT") stage has a few short stretches that can prove technically challenging in wet weather. Even if you remain near the base of the Mont d’Or itself, the route toys with its lower slopes before gently ascending amidst forests, clearings and pastures up to Chapelle des Bois, for a total elevation of 800m.

One portion of ‘GTJ Light’ is described in the Carto Guide of the "GTJ à VTT", allowing you to bypass the main technically challenging parts of this stage. An alternative, more challenging section going via the Mont d'Or is also proposed, between Métabief and Mouthe.

Unmissable sites

  • Métabief, a resort specializing in mountain bike trails that hosted the Mountain Bike World Championships in 1992. There are many trails accessible via chair lifts for you to try out. 
  • Mont d'Or, highpoint of the county of Doubs, at 1,463 m, with magnificent cliffs and views across to neighbouring Switzerland and Alpine summits to the south
  • Mouthe: for the source of the Doubs River
  • Chaux-Neuve: with a ski jump stadium
  • Foncine le Haut: for the source of the Saine and the Mont Noir Forest

SNCF train station

Labergement-Sainte-Marie train station

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