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18,66 km cycling route from Muides-sur-Loire to Blois

On this easy Loire à Vélo stage from Muides-sur-Loire to Blois, you enter the fabulous Pays des Châteaux tourist area, covering the lands around Chambord and Blois, boasting many famed châteaux. Choose between three more or less direct routes. The Loire à Vélo itself provides the most direct way, but the alternative, meandering circuits allow you to seek out great castles scattered across these unique landscapes.

Elevation of the stage

10 m 0 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 5,60 km By road: 13,06 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 18,66 km


On the north bank, you take the raised levée between Muides-sur-Loire Bridge and Blois: Pays des Châteaux Cycling Circuit 12: Following the course of the Loire.

Alternative routes

At Muides-sur-Loire’s bridge, cross to the south bank, and from St-Dyé follow the Loire towpath up to Blois : Pays des Châteaux Cycling Circuit 12: Following the course of the Loire.
Another route leads to Blois via St-Dyé and via the great Château de Chambord: Pays des Châteaux Cycling Circuit 9: Between Blois and Chambord.

Railway station - SNCF

Mer train station
Ménars stop (automatic ticket machine)
Blois train station: on average, 10 trains per day allow bikes on board, either going towards Tours or towards Orléans and Paris (note that there are steps to negotiate).

Don’t miss

Herbilly: an old hamlet
Suèvres: the picturesque village, St Lubin Church, the mill
St-Dyé-sur-Loire: the historic port that served the Château de Chambord, with remarkable basilica, old streets, and its Maison de la Loire (with exhibitions and events about the Loire)
Ménars: Ancien Régime château beside the Loire, once owned by Madame de Pompadour, King Louis XV’s infamous mistress (private castle, but visible from the Loire)
Blois: historic quarters marked by stairways (degrés); the grand churches of St Vincent and St Nicholas; an exceptional château;  the Maison de la Magie (with exhibitions and events on magic); Beauvoir Tower.


  • Mer : Thursday afternoonjeudi après-midi.
  • Blois : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

Tourist Information centre

  • Muides-sur-Loire : +33(0)2 54 87 58 36
  • St-Dyé-sur-Loire : +33(0)2 54 81 65 45
  • Chambord : +33(0)2 54 33 39 16
  • Blois : +33(0)2 54 90 41 41

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