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14,25 km cycling route from Montchanin to Montceau-les-Mines

Your cycling trip will be punctuated by many sites bearing witness to Southern Burgundy’s rich industrial past. The historic mining town of Montceau-les-Mines is a stop that proves both surprising and enjoyable. There isn’t a greenway set up along this stretch for the time being, but you take a calm small road beside the canal.

Elevation of the stage

48 m 31 m

Waytypes of the stage

Cycle path: 2,19 km By road: 12,05 km

Surface of the stage

Lisse: 2,19 km Inconnu: 12,05 km


At present, there isn’t any greenway between Montchanin and Montceau-les-Mines, but in contrast to the St-Léger-sur-Dheune > Montchanin stage, along this stage, the D 974 road is not busy at all and is really easy for cyclists.


Train station SNCF

Montchanin station
TER (local services) Dijon > Chagny > Montchanin > Paray-le-Monial > Digoin > Moulin-sur-Allier
TER (local services) Dijon > Montchanin > Decize > Nevers
TGV (High speed train) Paris > Montchanin with spaces dedicated for bikes

Blanzy and Montceau-les-Mines stations
TER (local services) Dijon > Montchanin > Monceaux-les-Mines > Paray-le-Monial > Moulin-sur-Allier


Don’t miss

Blanzy: mining museum
Montceau-les-Mines: an historic mining town with lively port and a museum on schooling, plus the monumental Chavannes washhouse



Montceau-les-Mines : Tuesday and Saturday morning


Tourist Information Centre

Montceau-les-Mines : +33 (0)3 85 69 00 00

Accommodation on the stage

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