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Enjoy a complete change of scene on a cycling adventure along La P’tite GTJ. Over a week, you cross the Doubs and Jura départements (French counties), including the latter’s vineyards. The route goes past several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, through enchanting, varied countryside featuring springs, rivers, lakes, fir plantations and vines. Before setting off, in the town of Lons-le-Saunier, the collections at the Maison de La vache qui rit (where Laughing Cow cheese is made) make for a good laugh. Each day, discover new gems, such as Chalain Lake, the climb to Le Frasnois, the site of the Cascades du Hérisson (waterfalls), vin jaune (a unique wine), the Saline Royale d’Arc-et-Senans (grand saltworks) and typical reculées (steephead valleys), the last home to historic settlements now part of the association Les Plus Beaux Villages de France. So, embark on a week’s cycling packed with heritage and culinary discoveries as well as physical challenges.

Elevation of the route

3022 m 3022 m

Waytypes of the cycle route

Cycle path: 22,55 km By road: 234,38 km

Surface of the cycle route

Lisse: 238,64 km Rugueux: 16,74 km Inconnu: 1,55 km

256 km by bike along la P'tite GTJ


info General Information

Except in rare cases, this cycle route guides you along signposted ways:

  • In the département of Jura, La P’tite GTJ à Vélo follows cycling circuits laid out by the county council. The number to follow for each circuit is indicated in the descriptions on the route map you can view on P'tite gtj
  • In the département of Doubs, new signposting indicating La P’tite GTJ à Vélo has been put in place.

Difficulties and lay-out 

  • ●    From the Bas-Jura to the Haut-Doubs, this cycling trail takes you through mid-altitude mountains. In these areas, the cycling circuit is signposted in anti-clockwise direction to allow cyclists to tackle the less steep way around, making the climbs slightly gentler and the descents rather less steep.
    ●    Along some stretches, the route takes you along non-tarmacked stretches. The Voie PLM between Lons-le-Saunier and Châtillon, leading you along a converted former railway line, benefits, in large parts, from a hard surface made of compacted fine gravel, good for avoiding punctures.
    ●    At Levier, the route crosses a state forest via a forest track, but an alternative option is suggested on the map for those cyclists worried about getting a puncture on that kind of surface. While the two stretches concerned can be bypassed by riding along minor roads, there is no signposting in place for cyclists opting to go along those quiet roads.

hotel Services

Please note, the choice of accommodation along certain stretches of this cycle route is limited, so do consider reserving in advance. Of particular interest for cyclists are Accueil Vélo-accredited accommodation providers.

train Trains and transport along La P'tite GTJ :

To reach the start of the route at Lons-le-Saunier train station:

  • With your own bicycle, but without dismantling your bike 
    • By train from : Lyon (TER, 1h53) 

6 train stations serve the cycle route: note that these make it is possible to skip certain stages, depending on your requirements 

  • Lons le Saunier (km 0)
  • Pont de la Chaux (km 43)
  • Frasne TGV (km 108)  
  • Mouchard (km 187)
  • Arbois (km 200)
  • Poligny (km 216)

Leaving the cycle route by train (from Lons-le-Saunier):

  • Return to Paris Paris, vers Lyon and Switzerland
  • Return to Paris (3h20, Intercités) |  Lyon et Geneva

Connections with other cycle routes 

Cyclists can choose from several possibilities allowing them to combine cycle routes, thanks to the other cycle routes crossed along the way:

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