The Vallée du Loir by bike

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This cycle route commences where the Loir (without an “e”) springs up, between the Beauce and Perche areas. The Vallée du Loir à Vélo is the first French cycle route to follow a river from its source to its confluence – it joins the Loire à Vélo cycle route north of the city of Angers. The Loir Valley has been designated a Pays d’Art et d’Histoire thanks to its rich heritage.

The way begins in gently undulating lands that present a mosaic of different landscapes typical of the larger region, with cereal crops, vineyards and orchards. The route is dotted with charming villages built beside the Loir. Some boast troglodytic homes dug into the limestone riverbanks, a fascinating curiosity.

Entering the county of Sarthe, the route leads past lakes and pastures to Le Lude, marked by its grand Renaissance château with formal French gardens. Then a greenway leads to the historic town of La Flèche, with a zoological park on its outskirts. Continue on to Angers.

Elevation of the route

1114 m 988 m

Waytypes of the cycle route

Cycle path: 41,97 km By road: 252,21 km

Surface of the cycle route

Lisse: 252,82 km Rugueux: 3,34 km Accidenté: 5,52 km Inconnu: 32,50 km

Signposting and state of the itinerary

The Vallée du Loir by bike is a cycling itinerary linked to two other routes : V41 and V47.

The largest part of the itinerary (90%) is developped on shared lanes (with motorized vehicles) with few traffic. 


Services and accomodations "Accueil Vélo" ("Cyclists Welcome") on The Vallée du Loir by bike

Nearly 20 accomodations (campings, hotels, lodges, guest houses) "Accueil Vélo" ("Cyclists Welcome") are located at less than 5km away from the itinerary and they guarantee quality services for cyclists such as a closed garage for example. We strongly advise to book your accomodations in advance (including campings), especially in touristic areas.


Trains and public transports alongside The Vallée du Loir by bike

You can reach the itinerary by train easily from Paris and several trains are also available between various parts of the route.

  • Ligne TGV Paris - Tours : arrêt à Vendôme
  • Ligne TGV Paris / Le Mans / Nantes : arrêt à Angers
  • Ligne Intercité Paris / Chartres / Le Mans : nombreux arrêts entre Paris et Chartres
  • Ligne Intercité Paris / Châteaudun / Vendôme / Tours : nombreux arrêts entre Châteaudun et Vendôme
  • Ligne TER Paris / Chartres / Le Mans : nombreux arrêts entre Paris et Chartres
  • Ligne TER Paris / Chartres / Droué : arrêt à Illiers-Combray
  • Ligne TER Le Mans / Tours : arrêts à Château du Loir et Vaas
  • Autobus SNCF : Le Mans / La Flèche / Saumur

Long-time parkings on the itinerary

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52,09 Km
Nature & small heritage
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Châteaudun / Vendôme

This stage sticks closely to the Loir, taking you along its undulating valley. Early on, the striking Château de [...]

29,12 Km
Castles & Monuments, Nature & small heritage
I cycle often

Château-du-Loir / Le Lude

The Vallée du Loir à Vélo cycle route takes to the high ground above the town of Château-du-Loir before going back [...]

21,50 Km
Castles & Monuments, Nature & small heritage
I cycle often

Le Lude / La Flèche

The splendid Château du Lude and its formal French gardens make for a great visit. Then rejoin the Vallée du Loir à [...]

22,56 Km
Castles & Monuments, Nature & small heritage
I cycle often

La Flèche / Durtal

From La Flèche, this last stage of the Vallée du Loir à Vélo takes you along quiet, easy little country roads to [...]

58,43 Km
Canals & intimate rivers
I cycle often

Durtal / Angers

From one bank to the other of the Loir valley and after the imposing fortress of the Kings of France in Durtal, the [...]

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