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Kitting Yourself Out for a Cycle Trip

To be well prepared for your cycle trip in France, bring suitable clothes and equipment to help make it go smoothly. But don’t worry if you forget anything, as you’ll find specialist bike stores all around France.

Cycling Clothing


Travel light and bring a good number of clothes made from Gore-Tex-style fabric.


  • Come prepared for rain, with rainproof clothes or cape.


  • Pack some warm clothes for chillier evenings.


  • Bring a reflective jacket to use at twilight or in the dark.


  • Protect yourself from sun, wind and insects. Sunglasses are a must!


  • Gloves, specialist cycling shoes and padded cycling shorts are recommended for long trips.


  • Don’t forget to pack a hat and suntan lotion!


  • Wearing a helmet isn’t compulsory but is strongly recommended.

Your Bike

All the official cycle routes presented on this website are made for safe, relatively easy cycling. You’ll often be travelling on asphalt surfaces but there are quite frequent sections that are not tarmacked. You therefore need a bike that’s both strong and light.


You can come with your own bike or you can hire a bike on arrival.


  • The ideal bike is a well-kitted-out hybrid (VTC in French), with comfortable saddle, good lights, panniers and 21 gears or the equivalent.


  • Racing or road bikes and mountain bikes are not suitable.


  • For carrying luggage on your bike, make sure you have rainproof panniers.


  • Attaching a small bag to the handlebar is practical for carrying guidebook, map, camera, papers, etc.


  • If travelling with a child, a trailer attached to a third wheel is the most comfortable option (and can be hired).


  • Don’t forget to carry a basic repair kit, plus a bicycle lock if you’re staying in town.


  • If you plan to use the train or a bus to transport your bike, bring a bike bag in which to put your bike away.