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Centre Val de Loire

cycling route in Centre Val de Loire :

  • The Royal Eure Valley

    The Royal Eure Valley [37.5 km]

    Épernon > Maintenon > Chartres
    • Intermediate from Épernon to Maintenon and from Maintenon to Chartres

    This short but pleasant section of La Véloscénie takes you from Epernon to Chartres. Meander through the Drouette Valley before joining the royal Eure Valley. The way along little roads leads to Maintenon's grand château and aqueduct. Pretty villages line the Eure as you join a greenway, with the towers of Chartres's Notre-Dame Cathedral calling from afar. You arrive at the dramatic capital of stained glass and light, the city of Chartres.

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  • Between Eure and Loir Valleys

    Between Eure and Loir Valleys [75.2 km]

    Chartres > Illiers-Combray > Thiron-Gardais > Nogent-le-Rotrou
    • Intermediate from Chartres to Illiers-Combray and from Illiers-Combray to Thiron-Gardais
    • Expert from Thiron-Gardais to Nogent-le-Rotrou

    This section of La Véloscénie leaves Chartres, capital of stained glass and light, via a greenway meandering by the Eure. Then the route crosses the plains that serve as Paris's granary to head for pretty Illiers-Combray, closely associated with the great novelist Marcel Proust. Continuing through the open landscapes of the Beauce Plain, you quickly come to Thiron-Gardais and its abbey grounds, offering a foretaste of the Perche area close by.

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  • Les Châteaux à vélo

    Les Châteaux à vélo [400 km]

    Candé-sur-Beuvron > Fougères-sur-Bièvre > Chitenay > Cellettes > Cour-Cheverny > Cheverny > Bracieux > Mont-près-Chambord > St-Dyé-sur-Loire > Chambord > Muides-sur-Loire > Blois
    • Family from Candé-sur-Beuvron to Candé-sur-Beuvron and from Fougères-sur-Bièvre to Fougères-sur-Bièvre and from Chitenay to Chitenay and from Cellettes to Cellettes and from Cour-Cheverny to Cour-Cheverny and from Cheverny to Cheverny and from Bracieux to Bracieux and from Mont-près-Chambord to Mont-près-Chambord and from St-Dyé-sur-Loire to St-Dyé-sur-Loire and from Chambord to Chambord and from Muides-sur-Loire to Muides-sur-Loire and from Blois to Blois

    Enjoy heading off along the Châteaux à Vélo cycle routes, with 400km of cycle paths, tracks and quiet country roads to explore, following a dozen secure, well-signposted circuits. Seek out grand châteaux like those at Chambord, Chaumont-sur-Loire, Cheverny and Blois… and discover many less well-known treasures such as Loire-side villages, the Sologne’s mysterious forests and lakes, and countless wine-making estates.

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  • La Loire à Vélo from Cuffy to Briare

    La Loire à Vélo from Cuffy to Briare [130 km]

    Nevers > Cuffy > Marseilles-lès-Aubigny > La Charité-sur-Loire > Pouilly-sur-Loire > Sancerre > Beaulieu-sur-Loire > Briare
    • Family from Nevers to Cuffy and from Cuffy to Marseilles-lès-Aubigny and from Marseilles-lès-Aubigny to La Charité-sur-Loire and from La Charité-sur-Loire to Pouilly-sur-Loire and from Beaulieu-sur-Loire to Briare
    • Intermediate from Pouilly-sur-Loire to Sancerre and from Sancerre to Beaulieu-sur-Loire

    This EuroVelo 6 section, also on the Tour de Bourgogne à Vélo route, starts in the city of Nevers, then heads to the Cher county and Cuffy, official starting point of the Loire à Vélo route. Follow the Loire and parallel Canal Latéral along this superb stretch linking Burgundy to the Loire Valley. The luminous Loire is wild in parts, more generous in others, with prestigious vineyards along its banks, as well as historic mariners’ towns, plus there’s the Val de Loire Nature Reserve. The way is easy, a delight for fans of culture and local produce.

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  • La Loire à Vélo from Orléans to Blois

    La Loire à Vélo from Orléans to Blois [73 km]

    Orléans > St-Hilaire-St-Mesmin > Beaugency > Muides-sur-Loire > Blois
    • Family from Orléans to St-Hilaire-St-Mesmin and from St-Hilaire-St-Mesmin to Beaugency and from Beaugency to Muides-sur-Loire and from Muides-sur-Loire to Blois

    This section shared by the EuroVelo 6 and Loire à Vélo cycle routes meanders through spots reflecting the Loire’s long-established riverine civilization. You’ll see how closely so many villages are tied to the Loire via their bridges, former trading quays and typically elegant buildings. This is a joy of a section for cyclists, with the architectural fireworks of some of Europe’s most spectacular châteaux also close by. The cycling proves as easy as it is exceptional.

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  • La Loire à Vélo from Tours to Saumur

    La Loire à Vélo from Tours to Saumur [81 km]

    Tours > Villandry > Rigny-Ussé > Candes-St-Martin > Saumur
    • Family from Tours to Villandry and from Villandry to Rigny-Ussé
    • Intermediate from Rigny-Ussé to Candes-St-Martin and from Candes-St-Martin to Saumur

    This EuroVelo 6 section, also part of the Loire à Vélo route, follows the mighty Loire, lined with varied vineyards, each with its own microclimate, linked to the confluences where the Cher, Indre and Vienne rivers join the Loire. Before entering Anjou, you cross the western part of Touraine, ‘The Garden of France’, both counties renowned for their quintessentially French attractions, including the local produce, and for French literary geniuses Rabelais, Ronsard and Balzac. An essential section with easy cycling.

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  • La Loire à Vélo from Briare to Orléans

    La Loire à Vélo from Briare to Orléans [100 km]

    Briare > Gien > Sully-sur-Loire > Germiny-des-Prés > Jargeau > Orléans
    • Family from Germiny-des-Prés to Jargeau and from Jargeau to Orléans
    • Intermediate from Briare to Gien and from Gien to Sully-sur-Loire and from Sully-sur-Loire to Germiny-des-Prés

    Briare, a town crisscrossed by waterways, is establishing itself as a major crossroads of cycle routes in the French region of Centre Val de Loire. With its famous canal-bridge partly built by Eiffel, it also offers a splendid gateway into the official stretch of the Loire Valley (beginning at nearby Sully-sur-Loire) designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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  • La Loire à vélo from Blois to Tours

    La Loire à vélo from Blois to Tours [78 km]

    Blois > Chaumont-sur-Loire > Amboise > Montlouis-sur-Loire > Tours
    • Family from Blois to Chaumont-sur-Loire and from Chaumont-sur-Loire to Amboise and from Amboise to Montlouis-sur-Loire and from Montlouis-sur-Loire to Tours

    You’ve entered the part of the Loire known as France’s Valley of the Kings, with many famed châteaux between Blois and Tours, both cities where the French court refined the art of living. Each castle bears the imprint of royal happenings. These emblematic lordly dwellings call for your visit along this majestic stretch, a major part of the Loire à Vélo cycle route.

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