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Hiring or Repairing a Bike

Along the official routes described on this website you’ll find bike hire and repair services carrying the Accueil Vélo (Cyclists Welcome) mark. There are also further possibilities for hiring and repairing bikes around France.


Repairing your bike

You can go to two types of shop:


  • Repairing a bike
  • Chain sports shops can be found in all large and medium-sized towns. Except in Paris, such shops are most often located on the town’s outskirts (which can often be hard to reach by bike because of motorways or ring roads). Such shops offer a large range of cycling equipment and accessories. They also often have a workshop where you can get your bike repaired.


  • Independent bicycle shops are run by specialist professionals who can offer you good advice. Some of these may be franchises trading under an umbrella name. These kinds of shops both sell and repair bikes. They are often located in town centres and are thus easy to reach by bike.

Find bike repairers who have the Accueil Vélo (Cyclists Welcome) mark 



Hiring a bike in France

  • Professional bike hire outlets can be found in most towns and along the official France à Vélo cycle routes. Those outlets carrying the Accueil Vélo mark have to respect a national quality standard.


  • Certain places where you can stay and certain tourist offices also rent out bikes.


  • Note that the kinds of bikes for hire via city cycle schemes are not suitable for cycling tourists.



Advice and information on hiring a bike in France

  • Hire a bike that’s suitable for the route you’re going on – generally, a hybrid bike (VTC in French) with luggage panniers.


  • Expect to pay between €10 and €20 per day; reductions are generally given for longer trips.


  • You will have to pay a deposit wherever you hire a bike.


  • Take good care of your bike and cycling equipment.


  • Don’t forget to ask for a repair kit, suitable saddlebags and a helmet.

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