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Practical Infos

Preparing Your Cycle Trip

Here we present you with useful general information to help you prepare your cycling trip in France. You’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions and tips for finding further information on our website and beyond.

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Cycling in France

The official France à Vélo cycle routes described on this website take you along various types of signposted cycling trails: cycle tracks, greenways, véloroutes and roads with little traffic. What are these different kinds of routes exactly? And how are they signposted?

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All-inclusive Cycling Holidays in France

Travel agents affiliated to France Vélo Tourisme can organize trips where they take care of all the arrangements for you, reserving accommodation, bike hire and the transportation of your luggage from one stop to the next! Look up their all-inclusive offers and book your cycling holidays via them to enjoy pedalling off without a care in the world!

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Getting to and around France

Whether you’re arriving in France by train, ferry, plane or even bus, here we provide useful, practical advice and information, whether you’re travelling with or without your bike!

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Accueil Vélo (Cyclists Welcome)

Accueil Vélo (Cyclists Welcome) is a national mark guaranteeing a high quality of welcome and services for cyclists where you see the sign across France.

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Kitting Yourself Out for a Cycle Trip

To be well prepared for your cycle trip in France, bring suitable clothes and equipment to help make it go smoothly. But don’t worry if you forget anything, as you’ll find specialist bike stores all around France.

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Road Safety in France

In France, cyclists must respect traffic regulations. Always take care when cycling, especially in places where you have to share the way with other vehicles.

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Books, Guidebooks and Websites for Cycling in France

For further practical information on cycling in France, there are books, guidebooks, maps and websites that you may find useful for preparing your trip and use on your journey. Here’s a selection.

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Hiring or Repairing a Bike

Along the official routes described on this website you’ll find bike hire and repair services carrying the Accueil Vélo (Cyclists Welcome) mark. There are also further possibilities for hiring and repairing bikes around France.

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