Panneau de La Loire à vélo - Direction Blois © CRT Centre-Val de Loire - J. Damase
Balisage et panneaux de la Sarthe à vélo © Sarthe Développement - J. Damase
Balisage et panneau vélo dans la Vallée du Loir © Sarthe Développement - J. Damase

Signposting and marking of cycle routes in France

In France, cycle routes are signposted and have specific signs.

Cycling facilities are often recognizable by a cyclist's logo on a sign or by a marking on the ground. They can take several forms: lanes dedicated to cyclists (cycle paths), green lanes (reserved for non-motorized mobility), shared lanes (with motorists)...

These lanes can be built on pre-existing roads, on roadsides separated from cars by a median or in the opposite direction of traffic, on old infrastructure (e. g. abandoned railway tracks) or can be created on all sides.

Even if the signage is well done on all the routes presented on this site, we recommend that you also follow the route on your smartphone or GPS.

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