Signposting of "EuroVelo" routes © J. Damase

EuroVelo cycling routes in France

16 long distance cycling routes through Europe

EuroVelo is a brilliant initiative for cyclists, a network of 16 long-distance cycle routes, known as EuroVelo routes, crisscrossing Europe. Once complete, the network will cover 70,000km. France is spoilt with 9 EuroVelo routes crossing the country, offering over 6,000km to explore. Discover more about these routes below.

What is a EuroVelo route?

  • A cycle route crossing several European countries, joining together national or regional cycle routes.
  • It must be at least 1,000km in length.
  • It must be specially signposted, with signs visible in both directions. 

How do you recognize a EuroVelo route?

  • All the EuroVelo routes share a common logo – the European Union flag, with the route’s number indicated in the centre.
  • Each number corresponds to the EuroVelo route concerned.


Which EuroVelo routes cross France?

  • Seven EuroVelo routes go across France, offering 6,000km of marked cycle routes.
  • Some of the routes are described on this website (EV 1, EV 3, EV 6)!

Where can you find information on the other EuroVelo routes?

  • The website provides information on all the EuroVelo-routes, at a European-wide level.
  • The website provides general information on the different routes, plus links to more specific websites covering relevant stretches in the various countries concerned.

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