Musée de Préhistoire des Gorges du Verdon

Route de Montmeyan 04500 Quinson
1 million years of man's history un provence. A trip back in time for all with its circuit of alternating scenes from everyday life in prehistoric times, interactive displays and original archaeological artefacts. 500 metres from the museum, a village made up of 5 prehistoric habitats and a Neolithic garden have been reconstructed. A musuem will help you to learn how to light a fire without matches, cut flints, use a bow and arrow or throw an assegai with a propulsion mechanism. All of these activities are for both children and adults. Village access free of charge. The "Baume Bonne" cave, this major site in European Prehistoric times bears witness to Man's presence in the Verdon and tells the story of the evolution of his life-style. The cave can only be visited accompanied by a museum guide and can be accessed along a path wich winds through the undergrowth. TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS 2019 30 March to 30 November - Alpine Hoards of the Bronze Age. At a time when metal was gaining ever-increasing importance in the warlike societies of the Bronze Age (2200 to 800 BCE in Europe), collections of objects were deliberately buried underground. These “deposits” remain a mystery. Were they bronze-makers’ stocks? Were they to be melted down? Offerings of some sort? Goods hidden during conflicts? Organised around the presentation of the deposit of Monte Cavanero (Cuneo province, Italy), the Moriez hoard from France and regional collections, the exhibition presents the diversity of metal deposits in the Bronze Age in the Alps and its interpretations. Exhibition organised as part of the European TRACES project.

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