The Ile de France prehistory Museum in Nemours

48 avenue Etienne Dailly 77140 Nemours
Vue extérieure - Musée départemental de Préhistoire d'Île-de-France
48 avenue Etienne Dailly 77140 Nemours

Open to the public since 1981, the museum shows the prehistory of the Paris region in a building by the architect Roland Simounet.

Opening up onto a wooded park and a rocky massif, the rooms are organised around for interior gardens that reconstitute the flora of the quartenary period in the Ile de France.

This museum, which was recently listed as a "Historical Monument of the 20th Century", presents the Prehistory and the Protohistory of the Paris region, from the appearance of man to Gallo-Roman times.

There are two possible visits.
The first circuit, for educational visits, presents the daily life of Palaeolithic age hunters, farmers and breeders in the Neolithic period and then an introduction to bronze and iron metalworking.

The circuit can then be completed with a second one dedicated to archaeological sites, stratigraphic geology and comparative typology of tools.

A 20 minutes audio-visual presentation is made in interaction with the Pincevent archaeological ground moulding.

Guided tours and workshops available for school groups daily except Wednesdays: learning to use tools, fire, throwing sticks. Themed workshops for single-class school groups: themes: habitat, food, fire, and tools.
Special programmes scheduled on events days.

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