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Voyager en train avec son vélo

Getting to and around France by train

There are many possibilities to travel in France by train : here is an overview of them to see clearlier !

Getting to France by train

Map of entire French train network in 2018 (click to this link)


An interactive map of the French train network

Blue = High-speed trains (TGV)

Purple = Local services - can be used by high-speed trains

Green = rail freight - does not take passengers


Train travel time

Some examples of train travel times in France. The last column indicates the time in minutes :


Bicycle transport on European trains

Getting around France by train

Emplacements de vélos dans un train SNCF

It’s not always that simple to transport a bike by train in France. Apart from the facilities provided along the Loire à Vélo route, elsewhere provision is variable and is generally not suited to dealing with groups.

High-speed trains (TGV):

  • The flagship fleet of the SNCF.
  • The sleek, speedy TGV trains can whizz you between France’s major cities in superfast time. They’re comfy and stylish too.

Transporting a bike on a TGV is allowed, but you have to pay a fee for the bike (10€), which must be put in a bag. 

Download a map of bike-accessible by TGV lines (in French)

Intercités :

  • Intercités trains cover fair distances between big cities.
  • On certain services, you have to reserve a seat in advance.

You can transport a bike on Intercité trains, you have to reserve a space for your bike (10€); this must be done at the same time as you buy your ticket.

TER (local services):

  • TER is the French regional service.
  • No seat reservations are required.
  • These trains are perfect for budget travellers.
  • There are 21 regional networks covering the whole of France.

Most TER trains have dedicated coaches with spaces for bikes that are free of charge. These are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

International overnight/sleeper trains:

  • These trains cover long distances.
  • On some of them, you have to reserve a seat in advance.

You can transport your bike on certain lines and certain trains have dedicated spaces for bikes.

You have to book for bike transport in advance; this must be done at the same time as you buy your ticket.